Xida Ren Photo

About Xida: 

I'm working in Computer Architecture, but also interested in machine learning, biology, math, and some political / social science. I love Asimov's science fiction because they touch on a bit of all of the above. I have a 10 year old BMW that I bought for cheap and maintain myself (no way I'm going to fix it at the dealership on a grad student stipend), but I've sortta accepted that I'm not going to be able to fix this car and I'm just slowing its end. I'm a recovering DOTA addict, but I sometimes still check into the game and see what's going on. 

I love every aspect of TAing except grading, and gradescope is an amazing thing to have in a class. This is why I think I'll eventually become a professor and teach. 


How Xida achieved success this year: 

For me it's mostly been people. Work can be painful, but with people to help you get past obstacles and celebrate success, it makes it bearable and even enjoyable to try and accomplish things. Research wise, my advisor Ashish Venkat was amazing. A good amount of guidance and push for research, but I'm also constantly encouraged to take care of myself. He leads by example and tells me his own stories which is really encouraging. 

In the CSGSG, I'd like to thank Josie, Yasunari, and Rory. Josie is an amazing mentor and taught me a lot about sending out announcements, organizing meetings, and just getting things done in an organization while keeping it pleasant for everybody. Yasunari has been very very active and a constant stream of energy and good ideas. Rory did a lot of infrastructure work and made it very easy for me to engage newcomers in the CSGSG. Outside the CSGSG, I really appreciate my friends David and Dante for being super supportive and kind to me even when I'm just a ball of stress.