Joey Rudek photo

About Joey: 

In the CS world, I mostly enjoy security, theory, and architecture. In math, I like logic and topology. I find a lot of fulfillment in language learning and music: I speak Japanese and Spanish, and I also play piano, sing (both on my own and in The Flying V's a cappella group), and compose and arrange pieces for various ensembles. In my spare time I like to play rhythm games and read aloud to my friends. At UVA, I was a TA for Intro to Programming for four semesters, for Theory of Computation for three, and for undergrad Computer Architecture for one. This Fall I'm going to be entering the PhD program in UC San Diego's department of Computer Science and Engineering! 


How Joey achieved success this year: 

My friends (and in particular, my roommate) have done so much for me this semester and last! Also, I've found that teaching (even just telling friends about something cool in a late-night Discord call) both makes my bad days better and motivates me to learn things more thoroughly.