Meet the Scholars

Class of 2022

  • Rodas Addis

    Rodas Addis

    Class of 2022

    Rodas Addis is originally from Ethiopia. Growing up, she has always had an inclination towards the STEM fields, and she's very excited about being a Clark Scholar in UVA's School of Engineering and Applied Science. She is beyond blessed to have been granted the opportunity to attend UVA as an engineering undergrad, and furthermore, as a Clark Scholar. The opportunities are endless!

  • Teagan Baiotto

    Teagan Baiotto

    Class of 2022

    Teagan is from Staunton, Virginia and plans on studying Environmental Engineering during his time at UVA. Teagan spends much of his free time outdoors, whether it be skiing, running, hiking, or cycling. Flowering from his appreciation of the outdoors, he hopes to gain a unique perspective on applying concepts of sustainability in the field of engineering through UVA’s Clark Scholars Program.

  • Nazirah Farach Rojo

    Nazirah Farach Rojo

    Class of 2022

    Nazirah was raised in Mexico up until the age of 12, attended school in Oklahoma from 8th to 10th grade, and finished high school in Texas. She wants to major in Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering and minor in the other. She loves music and knows how to play the guitar and violin. She is really looking forward to studying at UVA and being part of the first cohort of Clark Scholars.

  • Stephanie Gernentz

    Stephanie Gernentz

    Class of 2022

    Stephanie is from Chesterfield, VA and has known since middle school that she wanted to be a Chemical Engineer. In high school, she developed a passion for the environment, particularly water sustainability, so she is getting a second degree in Environmental Sciences and hopes to soon continue working on water quality research. She chose UVA Engineering because of its holistic well-rounded program and leadership emphasis.

    Stephanie has been dancing salsa and bachata since middle school and has found a new family with the University Salsa Club, where she is the marketing chair. She's expanding her leadership skills as a member of the Clark Scholars Leadership Council, program director for the Latinx Leadership Institute, financial officer for the Latinx Student Alliance, and mentor with the Hispanic/Latinx Peer Mentoring Program. She's looking forward to gaining business skills through the McIntire Business Institute and is excited about studying abroad summer 2020.

  • Sullivan Higgins

    Sullivan Higgins

    Class of 2022

    Sullivan is from Ridgeway,VA. He intends to major in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Sustainability, and he fully intends to continue his education at the graduate level. He has always wanted to work in a field where he can make a positive impact on his community and develop his own skills. Engineering is the perfect field to achieve these goals, and he is extremely excited to have the opportunity to study at the University of Virginia and be a part of the Clark Scholars Program. By collaborating with his peers and striving to grow academically as an individual, he is sure his time as an undergraduate will more than prepare him for a successful career.

  • Emma Jensen

    Emma Jensen

    Class of 2022

    Emma Jensen is from Phoenix, Arizona. She hopes to pursue mechanical or systems engineering. From her involvement in her school's robotics team, Emma saw engineering as a way to create impactful, real-world solutions to further society. She's looking forward to hands-on experience in the engineering labs, research opportunities, and interacting with fellow engineering students.

  • Garrett Johannsen

    Garrett Johannsen

    Class of 2022

    Garrett is from Westminster, Colorado and recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Garrett plans to major in Biomedical Engineering and is also interested in Exercise Science. He chose UVA because of its academic reputation, research opportunities, and the rich history that is represented on Grounds. While at UVA, he wants to work with faculty to conduct research involving diabetes and cancer. Garrett is overjoyed to be a Clark Scholar because of the connections he made with other scholars and faculty, the global experience he will get to be a part of, and the business and leadership component of the program.

  • Jennifer Khuu

    Jennifer Khuu

    Class of 2022

    Jennifer Khuu is interested in majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Psychology. She is interested in working with pharmaceuticals and technological advancements. As a member of the Clark Scholars community, she is excited to mentor incoming cohorts and continue building the foundation for the program. She is also part of the Multicultural Student Organization and the Peer Advising Family Network (PAFN). She also has experience working in CyberSecurity and childcare.

  • Amy Lee

    Amy Lee

    Class of 2022

    Amy is from Bealeton, Virginia and is interested in studying Biomedical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.  At UVA Engineering, she is most excited to gain new skills and expand her knowledge to eventually work alongside other engineers to address global challenges and make a positive impact on others. Amy is most interested in the business course requirements and leadership development included in the Clark Scholars Program. Along with being a part of the Clark Scholars Program, she will also be a Midshipman in the Naval ROTC program.

  • Katarina Liddell

    Katarina Liddell

    Class of 2022

    Katarina is from Kansas City, Missouri. She has been set on engineering as a career since the day she walked into my seventh-grade shop class. After completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, she wanted to attend a university that acknowledges the importance of a well-rounded foundation of knowledge and skills. While visiting UVA in the spring, it seemed like a perfect fit. She plans to study some combination of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering.

  • Babafemi Omole

    Babafemi Omole

    Class of 2022

    Babafemi Omole is a Computer Science major and Biomedical Engineering minor from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is originally from the country Nigeria in West Africa and is passionate about giving back to his home country. He is grateful to be a part of the first cohort of Clark Scholars because it provides him with a head start that he would not have had otherwise.

  • Joshua Sahaya Arul

    Joshua Sahaya Arul

    Class of 2022

    Joshua is passionate about using computer science to answer today’s most outlandish questions. Some of his projects include predicting housing prices, creating a map of free food across Grounds, and enabling Google Assistant to become the next big rapping sensation. Unafraid of a good challenge, Joshua looks forward to shaping the Clark Scholars program, improving the UVA community, and solving our world’s most pressing issues.

  • Vishal Singh

    Vishal Singh

    Class of 2022

    Vishal is from Virginia Beach, VA. He is studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Automotive Engineering and minor in Computer Science. Vishal chose to study engineering so he could help advance innovation in today's technology, as well as use this innovation to solve the problems that our society currently faces. In the Clark Scholars program and in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, he is excited to learn not just how to be an engineer that builds and design things, but on how to be a leader in the field to keep our world moving forward.

  • Emma Wilt

    Emma Wilt

    Class of 2022

    Emma is a California native, who is studying electrical and computer engineering at UVA. She is excited to study abroad with the Clark Scholars cohort to gain a global perspective on the issues faced in other areas of the world, and transfer that knowledge to her work in the field. Emma plans to obtain her PhD in engineering. She feels UVA is a great place to begin her higher-level education due to the immense support the school provides for undergraduates. While at UVA, she hopes to study further in software development and nano-science.

  • Rachel Zhang

    Rachel Zhang

    Class of 2022

    Rachel Zhang is from Fairfax, Virginia and is majoring in computer science and environmental sciences at UVA. Through this interdisciplinary study, she seeks to develop technology that augments sustainability efforts. This aspiration led her to the Environmental Defense Fund in San Francisco this summer, where she focused on artificial intelligence and software development in the context of small-scale fisheries.

    Outside of engineering, Rachel is a dedicated activist and a 2019 Political Dialogue Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. In her free time, she likes to play Frisbee and the trumpet.

Class of 2023

  • Marina Awad

    Marina Awad

    Class of 2023

    Marina plans to major in Biomedical Engineering on the pre-med track. In high school, she was in several honor societies and clubs oriented towards STEM and community service. She was in her high school’s robotics CAD team and hopes to similarly further her application of computer-aided design to fields of clinical medicine and tissue engineering. While at UVA, Marina looks forward to doing hands-on research to help transform healthcare and improve global health.

  • Trenton Bilyeu

    Trenton Bilyeu

    Class of 2023

    Trenton is from Roseville, California and is passionate about using mechanical engineering to find creative and innovative solutions. His experiences include designing and constructing a fused deposition 3D printer, developing an Arduino based system that measures current conditions to care for a garden, and working as a mechanical team lead in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Excited to be joining the Clark Scholars Program, Trenton hopes to approach all problems with an open mind of innovation and to make a true impact on the community around him.

  • Daniel Boachie

    Daniel Boachie

    Class of 2023

    Daniel Boachie hails from Hampton, Virginia with an aspiration of becoming a computer engineer. From his childhood, Daniel has expressed interest in STEM courses and eventually became the president for Technology Student Association and vice president for CHROME Club in high school. Daniel further explored his passion for STEM through the summer academy at NASA Wallops Flight Facility, George Mason University's online Game and Technology Academy and his education at the Governor's School for Science and Technology at Lynchburg College. Daniel has received many awards for his academics, service and Chess competitions. 

    Understanding that life is better lived when he serves others, Daniel has been working with St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church since 2015 to serve toys and clothes to needy families. 

    As he navigates the path to becoming a computer engineer, Daniel's short-term goal is to learn as much as he can from UVA, the Clark Scholars Program, mentors and internships. One idea that motivates Daniel in computer engineering is to research an app within the next decade that can help users to identify harmful radiation. 

    Motivated by the philosophy "carpe diem", Daniel aims to seize every moment to explore a world of possibilities, learn, and hone his leadership skills in twenty-first-century computer engineering. 

  • Gina Brown

    Gina Brown

    Class of 2023

    Gina Brown is an incoming first-year from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. She plans to major in Biomedical Engineering with a double minor in Spanish and sign language. She has always wanted to improve the lives of others, and engineering is a perfect path to do just that. Biomedical engineering is a great way to combine her love for the field of medicine and engineering, and she’s looking forward to working with other driven individuals throughout her four years on grounds.

  • Anne Felipe

    Anne Felipe

    Class of 2023

    Anne Felipe is a first-year UVA Engineering student from Arlington, Virginia. She plans to major in Biomedical Engineering, while possibly picking up an Economics minor. Anne wants to pursue her Ph.D. in engineering and is excited to begin her higher education journey at UVA. Anne is excited to be a Clark Scholar and enter her time at UVA with a cohort of like-minded peers. She is particularly excited about the leadership opportunities and the business aspect of the Clark Scholars program. Anne has experience working and volunteering with children with special needs and is passionate about continuing to work in that community and eventually using her engineering background to make an impact on the special needs community.

  • Isaac Heath

    Isaac Heath

    Class of 2023

    Isaac is from Dumfries, Virginia. He plans to pursue a major in either Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering with a minor in Bioethics. From a young age, Isaac has always had a desire to help others and knew he wanted to be involved within the medical field. During his high school years, he was introduced to the concept of engineering and instantly developed a passion for it. During his time at UVA, Isaac hopes to work with other engineers in order to discuss challenging issues as well as engender genuine change. He is grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Clark Scholars Program is excited to begin his new journey at UVA. 

  • Chloe Hellerman

    Chloe Hellerman

    Class of 2023

    Chloe Hellerman is from Afton, Virginia and grew up around the Charlottesville and UVA communities. She will study Mechanical Engineering and plans to pursue a career in industrial design to combine her passions for art and STEM. Inspired by the "cradle-to-cradle" design philosophy, she is interested in product life cycles and sustainable design. She plans to use her degree to reduce needless waste and design new products that combine functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. In her spare time, Chloe teaches and performs Irish dance with the Blue Ridge Irish Music School; she creates art both as a hobby and to fund her many interests. As a member of the second cohort of Clark Scholars, she hopes to gain hands-on experience and a multidisciplinary perspective that will allow her to be a strong leader and a valuable member of any team.  

  • Andrea Kian

    Andrea Kian

    Class of 2023

    Andrea is from Miami, Florida and she moved to Leesburg, Virginia in 2017. Through volunteering at a local hospital and interning with an Orthopedic surgeon, she found a passion within the medical field and decided to major in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Tissue and Cellular Engineering. She chose the University of Virginia due to its strong Engineering program, research opportunities offered, as well as, the opportunity to continue volunteering at the UVA Hospital.

  • Emmalyn Kim

    Emmalyn Kim

    Class of 2023

    Emmalyn plans to major in Biomedical Engineering on a pre-med track. A double legacy, Emmalyn will continue to pursue her interests in pharmaceuticals, individualized medicine, and community activism at UVA. She enjoys snowboarding, exploring, and playing all the sports in her free time. Emmalyn previously served as a board member on the Koreatown Neighborhood Council for the City of Los Angeles, alleviated food scarcity with Capital Area Food Bank and Food Forward, and is a Congressional Gold Medal, STEM Star recipient, and National Merit Scholar. Emmalyn hails from Stevenson Ranch, California and Vienna, Virginia.   

  • Sin Lin

    Sin Lin

    Class of 2023

    Sin Lin is from Brooklyn, New York and plans on studying Civil Engineering on the environmental track. She is a first-generation college student and is excited to learn as much as she can at her time in UVa and beyond. She is passionate about the health of the planet and humanitarian work. She believes that the Clarks Scholars Program is a great opportunity for her to become a well-rounded engineer through the business acumen and the study abroad semester.

  • Samantha Nicholson

    Samantha Nicholson

    Class of 2023

    Samantha Nicholson is a first-year studying Mechanical Engineering. Samantha is from Chincoteague VA and hopes that her small-town experience will give her a unique perspective to the effects of engineering at a larger scale.  Her overall goal is to be a driving force in the exploration of space by creating technical parts for sounding rockets. She’s looking forward to having more hands-on experiences in engineering labs and research opportunities. Samantha also wants to be a leader to those around her by reaching out and giving back to the local community.

  • Jaylen Purvis

    Jaylen Purvis

    Class of 2023

    Jaylen Purvis is from Charlottesville, Virginia and plans to double major in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Beyond that, he intends to continue his education at the graduate level and is excited at the opportunity to begin that journey at UVA. Jaylen is most interested in the Clark Scholars Program's emphasis on networking and business courses and hopes to use the skills gained here to make the world a better place. 

  • David Tran

    David Tran

    Class of 2023

    David is from Vero Beach, Florida. At UVa he is interested in studying Computer Science because of its applicability and prevalence in a technologically advancing world. To him, Computer Science is another means to further innovations in STEM. Through the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as well as the Clark Scholars program, David looks forward to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges and obstacles, as welling as forging strong connections with his fellow engineers.

  • Cameron Williams

    Cameron Williams

    Class of 2023

    Cameron Williams grew up in Baltimore, MD where her passions for helping her community and environmental sustainability pushed her to pursue an engineering career. She is going to major in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Science at UVA. Cameron's goal is to be able to improve sustainability in her community in a way that benefits the different groups of people who live there. Outside of engineering, she enjoys working out and playing sports as well as getting involved politically in her community by educating people on different issues and encouraging people to vote.