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We prepare our students to make smart, strategic career decisions throughout their professional lives. Through professional advising and counseling, students can build their understanding of job search and career self-management processes, identify their strengths and interests, and connect with prospective employers so they gain confidence and competence as they plan for their future.

    Considering Grad School? The career center is here to help

    September 30, 2020

    When students think of a career advising office, they often think about internships and jobs, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and networking. Did you know that our team also advises students interested in exploring and applying to grad school?

    Along with our colleagues, we recently hosted a series of events to help you learn more about graduate school, whether you're a 2nd Year wondering if grad school is for you or a 4th Year who's currently working on applications.

    Read a recap of each event and watch recordings if you missed the live events. When you're ready to meet with a career advisor to talk about grad school, select the "Applying to grad school" appointment option within Handshake.

    Fall '20 Virtual Internships, Micro-Projects, & More Ways to Gain Experience

    September 24, 2020

    We’re only a month into the fall semester, but we know many of you are already thinking about Summer 2021 internships.

    Our career advising team is here to support you in your summer internship search. We also encourage students to explore the many ways you can gain experience during the academic year. From self-paced skill building courses, to short-term projects (a great way to try something out without a summer-long commitment), to remote internships – you can choose when and how you explore your interests outside of the classroom.

    We’ll be sure to update this post with more opportunities as we learn of them.

    Accept or Keep Looking?

    September 10, 2020

    Congratulations! You received a return offer from your summer internship. That’s fantastic news! Except that they want you to decide in just a couple of weeks if you’re going to take the offer or not and you are really interested in exploring other options.  What to do?

    Job searching with a so-so GPA

    August 20, 2020

    There are several ways to stand out to an employer even if your GPA isn’t what you’d like it to be. I know it may seem like everyone at UVA has an awesome GPA, but I promise you, they don't. Lots of students go on to find fantastic jobs even when their GPA has taken a few knocks.

    Virtual Interviewing: Tips and resources to help you navigate video interviews

    July 09, 2020

    Interviewing can seem like an overwhelming process, especially when you're preparing for your first interview (or if it’s been a while since your last interview). In addition, the pandemic has led to an increase in video interviewing – according to this article, in March alone more than half of professionals in the U.S. changed their in-person meetings to either phone or video for health and safety reasons.

    As we look ahead to the second half of 2020, we want to start preparing you for virtual interviewing, whether that be on platforms you’re familiar with like Google Hangouts or Zoom, or methods you might be less familiar with, like on-demand, pre-recorded interviews. We’re here to help you understand the process, develop your skills, and gain confidence.

    Working Remotely: Tips and resources to help you navigate the summer

    June 16, 2020

    This summer or fall, you may find yourself starting a new job remotely, working remotely on personal or summer projects, or other virtual activities.

    I’ve been working remotely since March 16th, and I’ve picked up helpful tips and habits along the way that have made the transition from my office in Thornton A-wing to a makeshift desk in my living room a bit smoother. 

    If you find yourself working remotely, and especially if it’s the first time, review these essential tips on making it work from experts.