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We prepare our students to make smart, strategic career decisions throughout their professional lives. Through professional advising and counseling, students can build their understanding of job search and career self-management processes, identify their strengths and interests, and connect with prospective employers so they gain confidence and competence as they plan for their future.

    Alumni Spotlight: Operations Engineering Manager - Jessica Lin

    November 19, 2019

    In our Alumni Spotlight series, we ask alumni to tell us about their careers and how their UVa experiences prepared them for life after the Lawn.

    Meet Jessica Lin, a 2017 Systems Engineering grad who minored in Engineering Business. During her time at UVA, Jessica studied/went abroad 4 times:
     – Global Technology Practice (GTP) in Stuttgart, Germany as a summer abroad program in 2014
     – Spring 2015 Semester Exchange at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  
     – Research Exchange at University of Sao Paulo during Summer 2016
     – Presented at the Society of Risk Analysis (SRA) Europe conference in Lisbon, Portugal in June of 2017 

    UVA alumna Jessica Lin at Seattle Space Needle

    Evaluating Your Job Offer

    November 06, 2019

    Congratulations on your job offer (or your future job offer)! Your work isn’t quite finished yet, though. Evaluating your offer and making a decision will take a bit of research and introspection

    5 key steps when preparing for behavioral interviews

    October 30, 2019

    All interviews can be daunting, whether they’re case interviews, technical interviews, or behavioral ones. But while the others require more industry knowledge and preparation, behavioral interviews can be surprisingly easy to prepare for, if done so properly. The following 5 steps should provide you with an effective framework to structure your behavioral interview preparation and set you up for success. 

    8 ways to explore entrepreneurship on and around Grounds

    October 22, 2019

    While it can sometimes seem like college is a time to hone your skills in preparation for future endeavors, there are numerous opportunities on and around Grounds to help you engage in entreprenuerial endeavors while still in school. No matter the project, you’ll find places to work, collaborate, and share your ideas with liked-minded peers. With the resources below, you’ll find everything from funding to mentorship and learn how to gain the support you need to transform your passion into something concrete and marketable, even before earning your degree.



    Alumni Spotlight: Vehicle Systems Engineer - Jaz Harnal

    October 15, 2019

    In our Alumni Spotlight series, we ask alumni to tell us about their careers and how their UVa experiences prepared them for life after the Lawn. 

    Meet Jaz Harnal, a 2017 Mechanical Engineering grad who minored in Computer Science and Design Integration (Technology Leaders Program). During his time at UVA, he led the Gizmologists Club (a mechatronics group which he co-founded), did photography for the Virginia Advocate Magazine, and was a TA for mechatronics courses. For the last 2 years since graduating, Jaz has been a Vehicle Systems Engineer in the Autonomous Driving division of Aptiv in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has recently set his sights on climate change and activism.

    UVA Engineering alum Jaz Harnal

    A guide to 4 free resources in your Handshake account

    September 25, 2019

    Although most students understand that Handshake can be used to find job openings and events happening on Grounds, many students are unaware of the other resources that Handshake offers. From personality assessments to larger job offering databases, there are plenty of tools at students’ disposal within Handshake.  To access these resources, log into your Handshake account, go to the “Career Center” tab, and select “Resources” from the drop-down menu.