Career resources and advice for UVA engineers

At the Center for Engineering Career Development, we help students design a career vision that is in line with their unique interests, values and strengths. Here are some helpful links and resources. For a complete start to finish guide to career planning, check out the UVA Hoos Career Guide.

  • Online resources

    Through the UVA Library you have free access to LinkedIn Learning Courses, which features educational video courses where you can learn software, technology, business, and creative skills. 

    You also have free access to these subscription services through the Resources section of Handshake (Career Center menu > Resources):

    – Access jobs and internships nationwide.
    – Use the Search feature under Companies to identify organizations that do the type of work you're interested in within a specific geographic location. 
    – Find contacts within organziations you are interested in. 

    – Find country-specific career advice and employment opportunities. 
    – The H1B section lists American employers who may be seeking international talent in the U.S.

    In addition, access career resources related to entrepreneurship, sustainability, global opportunities, science and technology, and business through the Resources section of Handshake. 


  • Off-Grounds search

    Not finding the types of internships or jobs through Handshake and on-grounds recruiting that truely match your interests? While we encourage students to start their search with Handshake, it is just one tool in the job search toolbox. Pursuing an off-grounds search will open up numerous opportunities that you won't find in Handshake.  It takes a little more effort on your part, but we're here to help!

    Review our tips and resources for expanding your search beyond Handshake.
  • Networking

    During your time at UVA and beyond, we encourage you to develop a personal advisory board, a small group of trusted friends and mentors who offers balanced advice, professional insights, and decision-making guidance. 

    Members of your personal advisory board might be:

    • Advisors from high school and UVA
    • Teachers and professors
    • Peers 
    • Extended family
    • Upperclassman from your major or student organizations who are now working
    • People you’ve previously met through internships, part-time jobs, research, conferences, volunteering, etc.


    We encourage you to engage in meaningful conversations with your chosen advisors and mentors often.

    Learn more about networking tips and strategies, including outreach to alumni.
  • LinkedIn Tips

    Many students use LinkedIn to share their skills and experiences with recruiters, network with alumni, and apply for entry-level jobs. 

    3 key elements to your profile

    • A profile photo, ideally in color and from the chest or shoulders and up. Use a neutral or simple background and smile as it feels comfortable for you. LinkedIn profiles with photos are more likely to be visited than those without one.
    • Update the “Headline”, the short line of text accompanying your name and photo. The Headline defaults to the most recent position you listed on your profile, such as “Student at UVA” or “Research Assistant in the XYZ Lab”. We recommend tailoring the Headline to your interests and skills, for example “Chemical Engineer interested in Materials Science, Textiles & Sustainability”. 
    • Add the experiences from your resume, along with those you may not have had room for. In addition to the broad “Experience” section, LinkedIn gives you the option to add sections for Projects, Volunteer Experiences, Coursework, and more.
    • VMock Aspire is an online tool that will evaluate your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions for improvement. Check it out here.


    I have a profile…now what?


    More tips on maximizing your LinkedIn account

    LinkedIn profile checklist

    31 profile tips for job seekers

    Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Students

    LinkedIn and the UVA Career Center

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

    Our team is committed to supporting students from all backgrounds.  

    We have also put together a resource with job boards, summer internship programs, conferences and other diversity and inclusion resources that are specifically relevant to engineering and computer science students.

    International Student Resources

    Videos on the job search process for international students here and here.

    Webinar on International Students and Employment Options

  • Evaluating & Negotiating Job Offers

    There are numerous factors to consider when evaluating and comparing job offers, including:

    • The duties and responsiblities of the job itself.
    • Salary and opportunities for bonuses or raises.
    • Geographic location and the lifestyle it offers.
    • Benefits such as insurance, paid vacation and sick days, retirement, and professional development.
    • Culture of the organization and the team or department you'd be working most closely with.


    Consider each of these factors when evaluating an offer and determine how important each one is in relation to the others. You may be willing to take a slightly lower salary to live in your dream location, for example. 

    Some students have found it helpful to take the free Life Values Inventory when evaluating an offer to see how it aligns with their current values and priorities. You can also meet with a career advisor to further discuss values and your decision-making process.

    Considering negotiating an element of your offer letter?

    15 Questions to ask about perks and benefits

    Find UVA Engineering salary averages and medians by major

    LinkedIn Salary calculator Salary calculator

    Candor Salary calculator

    Should I Negotiation? And How to Negotiate

    Don't negotiate over email. Use this phone call template instead!

    Need to ask for more time to make a decision?

    Asking for more time, whether or not  you have another offer in hand

    3 questions to ask with a job offer deadline approaching

    Guide to juggling multiple job offers

    Ready to accept or decline an offer?

    Accepting an offer

    Declining an offer

    How to gracefully turn down a job offer

    3 keys to turning down a job offer without burning bridges

    After you've accepted an offer, please share your summer plans or first destination after UVA with the survey's we'll share via email and Handshake!

    If you'd like to speak with a career advisor about your unique situation, visit Handshake to schedule an appointment.

"The career counselors have helped me to discover and take advantage of so many of the resources UVA has to offer. They've given me great advice on everything from networking with alumni, preparing for career fairs, practicing for interviews, and applying to jobs. Through their guidance my job application materials and soft skills necessary for a professional career have improved drastically."

Senthil Kannan, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2017