Engineering International Internships

Interested in an internship? Engineering International Programs helps identify internship opportunities that are exclusively dedicated to UVA engineering students. All internships are coordinated through the Office of International Programs. If you are interested, please schedule an appointment with either Maya Laurinaitis Drake ( or Dana Elzey ( UVA Global Internships also offer Student Envoy Office Hours on Wednesday 1-2 pm and Thursday 12-1 pm at Clemons 234.

  • UVA Independent Global Internships

    What are they?

    UVA Global Internships have developed direct relationships with organizations, businesses and institutions in over 9+ nations around the world. Partnerships have been developed through connections with alumni, parents, and faculty members. Students apply independently to the internships through the UVA Global Internship Office. Students may also apply for the Summer Travel Grant.
    Deadline to apply: TBD for Summer 2020.


    Internships are offered in the summer with varying lengths. The average length of time is 8 weeks.


    UVA’s Global Internship Office offers internships in Vietnam, Chile, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, Spain, and India.

    Are they for credit?

    Yes, all Independent Global Interns will complete the 1-credit Global Internships course (through the Global Studies program) during their time abroad:  [GSGS 3240 course, "Working with/across cultures while interning abroad"]

    Who can apply?

    Internships are available for all engineering students in all majors. Positions are posted on Handshake or the International Studies Office.

    How to apply?

    Search the ISO's Education Abroad directory for UVA Global Internships (under "University Group Travel") and apply online. Positions will be posted in late October. You can also search Handshake for postings.

    Deadlines to apply:

    Will vary! Some deadlines are as early as December 1st. Latest - January 21.


  • UVA Internship Placement Programs– (IPP)

    What are they?

    UVA Global Internships works with partners across Grounds and the world to offer structured summer internship programs for direct UVA academic credit. Students participate in full-time internships while also engaging in course(s) taught by UVA faculty. Participants are accompanied by fellow UVA peers and housing is pre-identified.

    The opportunities vary from program to program. The programs in India, Prague, Dublin, and Shanghai offer individualized placements, based on student interests. The program in Ghent will offer research internships at HoGent University College, while the program in Morocco will be based with the High Atlas Foundation, an international NGO in Marrakech. Check each program for more details.


    Summer 2020 (Different program dates: 6 to 10 weeks).


    UVA in Dublin: IPP Global

    UVA in Shanghai: Culture + Internship

    UVA in Prague: IPP Global

    UVA in Morocco: Participatory Development in Practice

    UVA in India: Global Internship in Society, Environments, + Enterprise

    Are they for Credit?

    Yes, each program offers a different curriculum with courses for direct UVA credit.

    Who can apply?

    Undergraduate students across the University are encouraged to apply. Placement is available in a wide array of professional/academic fields.

    How to apply?

    You can apply through ISO's Education- Abroad Website in which you can search for a variety of internships opportunities. In the "Where" section there are direct links to some of the internships. 

    Deadlines to apply

    Will vary! Some as early as February 15th.

  • Finding an internship on your own

    Our office, Engineering International Programs will help you identify internship opportunities that are exclusively available for UVA engineering students. We will find programs for students in all parts of the world. Students can choose to intern in a business or an academic institution doing research. UVA has partnerships with third-party providers that offer global full-time internship placements in a variety of fields gaining hands-on work experience in an international workplace. Costs vary depending on the internship. EIP can help identify scholarships or grants that are offered to students for an internship experience.

  • Funding your internship abroad

    In order to study abroad, it's necessary to allocate funds for transportation, program fees, academic credit, housing, meals, travel documents, insurance, and more. Therefore, it's important to develop a budget and plan your international experience accordingly. To help you, here are some resources that can help fund your internship:

    Global Internships Summer Travel Grant: up to $3000 for UVA internship programs and UVA Independent Internships.

    Parents Fund Internship Grants: $3000 grant for 2nd and 3rd-year students who have secured unpaid internships in any of the five areas of public concern as defined by the Virginia 2020 Commission.

    Z Society Gilbert J. Sullivan Awardoffers a $2,000 scholarship awarded to a returning undergraduate student of the University. It is intended to provide an opportunity to take a summer internship otherwise unattainable because of financial constraints.

    Sydney Elizabeth Owens scholarship: administered by the Alumni Association, will support a current first-, second- or third-year student who has designed with faculty approval or input, a transformative experience to take place over the course of a semester or summer. The amount of the award for 2018 was $6,000.

    Royster-Lawton Fellowship in Social Enterprise provides $3,000 in funding to support summer internships in social enterprise. Staff can match you with a social venture according to your interests, or you can choose your own. Fellows also benefit from career coaching, resume and cover letter development.

    Small Research and Travel Grants from the College of Arts & Sciences are for students conducting research, engaging in artistic activities, or presenting their own research at professional conferences.

    Additional Funding Opportunities and Resources information can be found here.

  • Resources and Contacts

     Engineering International Programs: Thornton Hall B103 

    Program Director - Dana Elzey:

    International Program Advisor - Maya Drake:


    Center for Engineering Career Development: Thornton Hall A115

    Assistant Director & Career Counselor - Heather Palmer:


    International Studies Office + UVA Global Internships: Minor Hall second floor

    Global Internships Director - Ingrid Hakala:


"I had an amazing experience interning with Friends For Street Children in Vietnam Summer 2017 through CET Academic Programs. During the summer I worked fundraising and raising awareness around Ho Chi Minh City for K-5 schooling of undocumented children. By the end of the summer, we raised over $10,000 for the kids, reached over 1100 individual donors in Vietnam, worked with local government, established media presence, and hosted an event with 250 guests that was featured on Vietnam's largest television network. It was incredibly rewarding to meet many of the children we were raising money for and interact with them both at school and visit their homes. "

Jack McManus - Computer Science