Engineering International Internships

Interested in an internship? Engineering International Programs helps identify internship opportunities that are exclusively dedicated to UVA engineering students. All internships are coordinated through the Office of International Programs. Office hours will be held at the International Studies Office in 225A Minor Hall on Mondays, 3:30-5:00pm and Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am.

*The following internship applications are expired. Additional information will be updated soon!*

UVA Global Internships is pleased to announce the opening of applications for Summer 2019 GIO Independent Internships!

WHAT: UVA Global Internships draws upon UVA’s ever-expanding global network to establish GIO Independent Internship opportunities in diverse fields and 15+ countries for students across the University.

HOW: To see the full list of opportunities, read details about each unique position, and apply, log into Handshake and search “uva global internships.”

WHEN: Most application deadlines are December 10th.

AFFORDING AN INTERSHIP ABROAD: Apply for a GIO Summer Travel Grant (due January 1st), understand costs, consider the value of an international internship, and explore additional funding avenues.

Positions of potential interest for Engineering students

Intrigued by the prospect of joining a research team at the biggest institute of science and technology in France?

Apply to work on “The Internet of Nanothings,” Handshake posting # 2088930, or Flexoelectric Nanosystems, Handshake posting #2088781.

Interested in process automation, computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Track and Trace, Cyber-physical Networks, and other timely systems-related subjects?

Apply to a research internship at USP’s Engineering School,
Handshake posting #2067395.

Bring your understandings of engineering to pressing challenges related to the depletion of groundwater, water quality, poor sanitation coverage, management of solid and liquid waste, fast urbanization, and emerging issues due to climate change.

Apply to the WASH Institute, Handshake posting #2093995.

Initiate a technical project at a social enterprise that is pioneering a comprehensive, sustainable approach to food production and waste in Peru.

Apply to Sinba (short for sin basura, "without waste”), Handshake posting #2145741.


"I had an amazing experience interning with Friends For Street Children in Vietnam Summer 2017 through CET Academic Programs. During the summer I worked fundraising and raising awareness around Ho Chi Minh City for K-5 schooling of undocumented children. By the end of the summer, we raised over $10,000 for the kids, reached over 1100 individual donors in Vietnam, worked with local government, established media presence, and hosted an event with 250 guests that was featured on Vietnam's largest television network. It was incredibly rewarding to meet many of the children we were raising money for and interact with them both at school and visit their homes. "

Jack McManus - Computer Science