Photo Contest




Open to all UVA Engineering undergraduate & graduate students who have had international experience in studying abroad, research, community service or an internship in 2019.

Submit up to (4) of your best photographs. Photos will be judged by Engineering International Programs and the Engineering Student Council.

Prizes ranging up to $125 will be awarded to the top (3) Photographs, Honorable Mention, People’s Choice and

Most Original. Winners will be announced in early April.

Selected photographs will be printed and displayed in Thornton Hall A Wing and used on Engineering International Programs website.


  1. Photographs must be submitted in digital format (JPG or PNG) to:
  2. A title and description of your photograph is required. Please limit descriptions to less than 50 words. Include your graduation year, major, location, name of program and the reason why you were abroad.
  3. Submission must include name of photographer taking the photo.
  4. Photography submission deadline is February 17, 2020.


*All submissions must have a clear global message. Photo entries should include yourself or other people. Scenics or having to do with your work or study. You will be judged on composition, story and originality.