Photo Contest Results 2019

Yearly, we hold a contest in which Engineering Students share their study abroad experience with photographs. These pictures embody their favorite memories, experiences, and friendships, that they obtained throughout their study abroad experience. This contest aims to share these experiences/memories with other students.

Photo Contest Results for 2018-2019

The results for the Photo Contest are FINALLY OUT! There was a wide pool of phenomenal photos from various students but the winning photographs are listed below. Enjoy these beautiful photos taken by our students!

First Place Winner: "Allez Les Bleus!" by Sarah Snow

“Everyone parading down the streets of the Champs D’Elysee, chanting and singing and hugging and screaming after France won the World Cup.” -International Program: CIEE Summer Global Internship (Berlin, Germany)

Second Place Winner: " Pigeons of St. Mark’s Church" by Katherine Weinschenk

“Pigeons flying across the tiled roof of St. Mark’s Church, laid to form images representing the coat of arms of Zagreb, Croatia.” -International Program: UVA in Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

Third Place Winner: "Guarda-Chuvas Brasileiras" by Matthew Keitelman

“The national colors of Brazil represent the tropical country, and are presented on these umbrellas as they dot the sky, promising momentary shade to pedestrians on a beautiful, sunny day.” - International Program: CESAR Summer Job Program (Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil)

Most Original Photo: "Sunset at Rio Drake Bay" by Kayla Spigelman

“Our ASB program involved building a bridge to connect the Rio Drake village to the beach, which served as a turtle restoration site. Each evening, we would watch the sunset and reflect upon the beauty of Costa Rica after working.” - International Program: Alternative Spring Break with UVA (Rio...

People's Choice Award: "Vrango, Sweden" by Halle Wine

“My peers and I took a short weekend trip to Gothenburg to relax after a few weeks of client focused work. We discovered this beautiful tiny island off the coast where we explored the shores and villages.” -International Program: UVA in Sweden: Global Sustainability Consulting 2018 (Lund, Sweden)

Honorable Mention: "Biblioteket" by Katherine McCool

“Lund University’s main library in the spring.” - International Program: Lund University Exchange (Lund, Sweden)

Honorable Mention: "Eilean Donan Castle" by Malcolm Miller

“My family traced its Scottish genealogy to the 13th century. Each new site made me imagine how the country has changed since my family first settled there.” - International Program: University of Glasgow Exchange (Glasgow, Scotland)

Honorable Mention: "Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore" by Peyton Billips

“The famed Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore lit up during a cold Florentine night. The usually red, green, and white marble façade appears in black and white against the dark night sky.” - International Program: Arcadia in Rome (Rome, Italy)

Honorable Mention: "Midnight in Rome" by Renat Abazov

“One can’t help but feel the spirit of adventure as the night becomes later, and the people you meet become rowdier.” - International Program: Arcadia Queen Mary University of London Program (London, England)

Honorable Mention: "Routeburn Track Blizzard" by Olivia DuCharme

"3-day, 20 mile Great Walk hike through a blizzard over Routeburn Falls and Harris Saddle to Lake Mackenzie." - International Program: University of Auckland Exchange (Auckland, New Zealand)

Honorable Mention: " View from the Rialto Bridge at Night" by George Wilkes

“The Ponte de Rialto across the Venice Grand Canal is bustling with locals, tourists, and vendors making for a lovely evening in the historic city.” - International Program: 6th International School for Lasers in Materials Science (Venice, Italy)

Honorable Mention: "Undredal" by Katherine McCool

“View of a town called Undredal on a fjord cruise in Flåm, Norway.” - International Program: Lund University Exchange (Lund, Sweden)