Hallway Photos Winners

Here are all the photographs selected for Thornton Hall A-Wing for the 2019-2020 Photo Contest. The selected students can take their printed photographs at the end of the school year.

 Hallway Photo Winners

By: Emily Davenport (Mechanical Engineering ‘20)

Title: “A Sunny Day in London”

Program: Rolls Royce Internship in the United Kingdom

Description: “I visited London one weekend from the smaller town I was working in for Rolls Royce. It turned out to be some of the sunniest, hottest days of the summer!”

Fr: Monica Sandoval-Vasquez (Computer Science '22)

By: Hana Nur

Title: “Albayzin from the Alhambra”

Program: UVA in Valencia in Granada, Spain

Description: “With the Sierra Nevada’s in the background and the Alhambra at central stage, Granada definitely was the most scenic city I saw while in Spain.”

By: Md Mofijul Islam (Systems Engineering PhD)

Title: “Castello di Miramare”

Program: 7th Workshop on Collaborative Scientific Software Development in Trieste, Italy

Description: “The legend was born that Castello di Miramare is cursed and anyone who sleeps there is fated to die a violent death at a young age and in a foreign land.”

By: Rawan Osman (Computer Engineering ‘22)

Title: “Following Engineers on a Rubber Plantation Tour”

Program: UVA in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Description: “UVA GI students and professors took a tour through the highlands of Guatemala at a rubber plantation.”

By: Emily Davenport (Mechanical Engineering ‘20)

Title: “Hygge”

Program: Rolls Royce Internship in the United Kingdom

Description: “Hygge is a Danish word that encompasses feelings of coziness and contentedness in special moments. This photo was taken at the Nyhavn waterfront district in Copenhagen during a weekend trip.”

By: Rohni Awasthi (Biomedical Engineering ‘20)

Title: “City View”

Program: UVA in Italy: Florence at the Palazzo Rucellai in Florence, Italy

Description: “The Palazzo Michelangelo sits high atop the city of Florence and provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. In the background, you can see the Duomo, the central cathedral in Florence.”

By: Rohni Awasthi (Biomedical Engineering ‘20)

Title: “Bridge of Sighs”

Program: UVA in Italy: Florence at the Palazzo Rucellai in Florence, Italy

Description: “Within the Doge Palace in Venice, the Bridge of Sighs leads from the palace interrogation rooms to the prisons. Story says the bridge was named this because as prisoners walked through they would stop and sigh as they saw the outside world for the last time through the cracks.”

Fr: Ana Estrella-You (Environmental Engineering ‘23)

By: Jack (the Hike Guide)

Title: “Leshiba Wilderness Reserve”

Program: PhD Research in Thohoyandou, South Africa

Description: “I was abroad to work on drinking water research in the Limpopo province of South Africa in collaboration with faculty at the University of Venda.”

By: Lena Nguyen (Civil Engineering ‘22)

Title: “Fishing Village at Bai Tu Long Bay”

Program:  J-Term: UVA in Vietnam: An Ecological-Economic Exploration

Description: “On our trip on Bai Tu Long Bay, we stopped by a fishing village that lived on the water and was surrounded by beautiful rocks. Missing are some cute dogs and the fish my professor bought and served at dinner that night”

By: Lena Nguyen (Civil Engineering ‘22)

Title: “Rocks of Bai Tu Long Bay”

Program: J-Term: UVA in Vietnam: An Ecological-Economic Exploration

Description: “We stayed on a small cruise boat, where we were surrounded by these rocks, to experience what we had learned about eco-tourism. We had the chance to kayak and swim in the bay and tour a cave.”

By: Victoria Annen (Biomedical Engineering ‘21)

Title: “Pena Palace”

Program:  IES Abroad: Madrid in Sintra, Portugal

Description: “This vibrant palace is in Sintra, Portugal. It’s a beautiful hike to the top for amazing views, and you can race tuk-tuks on the way down!”

By: Victoria Annen (Biomedical Engineering ‘21)

Title: “Venice”

Program:  IES Abroad: Madrid in Venice, Italy

Description: ““Burano and Murano are two little islands close to Venice, known for their lacework, glass- making, and beautiful houses. Every street looked like this one.”

By: Victoria Annen (Biomedical Engineering ‘21)

Title: “The Colosseum”

Program:  IES Abroad: Madrid in Rome, Italy

Description: “Rome is one of the most powerful cities you’ll ever see. Nothing beats exploring Italy with your new roommates and friends”

Fr: Jillian Dewoody (Computer Science ‘20)

By: Kat Norton

Title: “Kangaroos in Jervis Baym”

Program:  Arcadia: University of New South Wales

Description: “Ran into friendly mom and baby kangaroos while in Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, Australia”

By: Alexandra Schmid (Systems Engineering ‘22)

Title: “Lago de Atitlan”

Program:  UVA in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Description: “This photo was taken along Lake Atitlan, near San Lucas Toliman, where my study abroad program stayed for approximately a week and visited various hospitals, coffee plantations, and local homes.”

By: Grant Martin (Chemical Engineering ‘22)

Title: “Market Day”

Program:  UVA in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Description: “In Almolonga, an agrarian community situated atop rich volcanic soil, locals gather twice a week at the town market to sell the fresh crops grown on their family plots for export throughout Central America.”

Fr: Jennifer Long (Computer Science ‘21)

By: Katya Potapov

Title:  “Mount Ijen”

Program: National University of Singapore

Description: “After a steep and harrowing three hour hike before the break of dawn, we arrived at the summit of Mount Ijen. What a view! The glow of the rising sun over the turquoise crater lake was well worth the journey.”

Fr: Matt Burkher (Computer Science ‘21)

By: Michelle Kraaj

Title: “Skydiving in New Zealand”

Program:  UVA Exchange: University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

Description: “Skydiving from 12,000 feet above the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand.”

By: Ekaterina Forkin (System Engineering ‘23)

Title: “Circular Colors”

Program:  Gap Year in Essaouira, Morocco

Description: “Walking through the medina of this coastal city, you see all sorts of ceramic, leather, and silver goods. Outside every shop is a colorful display of hand painted clay plates”

By: Ekaterina Forkin (System Engineering ‘23)

Title: “Ruins & Ramparts”

Program:  Gap Year in Rabat, Morocco

Description: “Taken while exploring the Chellah, a fortified necropolis that overlooks the capital. Roman ruins and statues can be seen throughout the site. With crowds being rare, one can peacefully step back in time to hundreds of years ago."

By: Jillian Dewoody (Computer Science ‘20)

Title: “Aerial View of Queenstown, NZ”

Program:  Arcadia: University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

Description: "An astonishing view at the end of the Queenstown gondola ride. A paraglider is not a rare sight in Queenstown!"

By: John Phillips (Engineering ‘23)

Title: “Rain Behind The Sun”

Program: BSA Sea Base Conservation Trip, Order of the Arrow in Alligator Reef, Islamorada, Florida

Description: "Witnessing the beautiful eco-system and the Great Florida Reef was an extraordinary experience. It provided me with a new perspective of the world around me." 

By: Farzana Ahmed Siddique  (Engineering 2nd year PhD)

Title: “NYC Skyline”

Program: International Student

Description: "Photo was taken during the sunset of Christmas Eve"

Fr: Jillian Dewoody (Computer Science ‘20)

By: Olivia Yocca

Title:  “Sand Dunes in Port Stephens”

Program:  Arcadia: University of New South Wales  in Sydney, Australia

Description: "Felt like we were transported to a desert in the sand dunes of Port Stephens where we were able to sand board and 4 wheel drive."

By: Grant Martin  (Chemical Engineering ‘22)

Title: “School Truck”

Program: UVA in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Description: "Children catch a lift home from school in the back of a pickup truck. Without access to formal education in their rural villages, children must commute, often for a small fare, into the larger towns to attend school."

Fr: Rawan Osman  (Computer Engineering ‘22) 

Title: "Strolling through the Streets of Xela"

Program: UVA in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Description: "During spare time in Quetzaltenango (Xela), UVA and Guatemala students explored the various alleys and corners of the historic city. We ate hot pastries from bakeries, explored the colorful cemeteries, and appreciated the beautiful architecture and street art. "


Fr: Matt Burkher (Computer Science ‘21)

By: Jasmine Li

Title: “Sunrise at the 12 Apostles”

UVA Exchange: University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

Description: "Nothing makes getting up at 3:30 a.m. and driving 2 hours like seeing the stunning Australian sunrise on the Great Ocean Road."

By: Diego Wang  (Computer Science ‘23

Title: “The Palace Museum”

Program: Beijing, China

Description: "A typical day visiting the Palace Museum where the Chinese emperors of Dynasty Qing used to live."

By: Tristan White (Computer Science ‘22)

Title: “Stockholm Underground”

Program: UVA in Valencia

Description: "Stockholm was unexpectedly one of my favorite places I visited in Europe. One fun thing I did with some Australians I met in my hostel was to check out the metros. They were all extremely deep underground, carved out of rock, and painted in ornate designs."

By: Mint Lin (Computer Science ‘22)

Title: “The Wild”

Program: UVA in Germany in Stuttgart, Germany

Description: "The Alps have one of the most breath-taking views. On a sunny day like this, we hiked to the top of a grassy mountain, enjoying the blossom of wildflowers with the snow-white mountain peaks afar."

By:  Mint Lin (Computer Science '22)

Title: "On Our Way Home"

Description: “We lived at a small local hut during our four-day stay in the Alps. We slept in the same rooms, chitchatted around the campfire, met new friends from other countries, and went stargazing together. The hut has all out good memories, and thereby I consider it home.”