UVA Engineering in Valencia

Fall Semester in Valencia, Spain

UVA Engineering in Valencia is an opportunity to spend your third or fifth semester in Valencia, Spain, while taking the courses in math, physics and engineering that you would take back on Grounds. These courses are UVA courses and are taught in English. In addition, it is an enriching and comprehensive experience for anyone interested in becoming well-versed in Spanish culture, literature, art and language. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and has a population of about 800,000. It is a coastal city on the Mediterranean that mixes old and new. Valencia is well located with respect to other cities in Spain and is convenient for travelling to other locations in Europe.

The engineering courses that are being offered are: APMA 2130 – Ordinary Differential Equations; APMA 3100 – Probability; APMA 3110 – Applied Statistics & Probability; PHYS 2415  General Physics II; PHYS 2419 – General Physics II Lab; CS 2110 – Software Development Methods; SYS 2001 – Systems Engineering Concepts; CS 2102 – Discrete Mathematics; CS 2330 – Digital Logic Design;  MAE 2300 – Statics; BME 2101 – Physiology for Engineers; STS 2XXX – Science, Technology, & Society.

Students must have completed at least SPAN 2020 or equivalent in order to participate. Participants are also required to take at least one Spanish language or literature course. 

Students live with host families nearby UVA's study center. Students learn how to cook paella. They also get to play soccer with local Spanish students, sail in the Mediterranean or dance flamenco. Weekend excursions to Madrid, Granada, Toledo, and Barcelona are a common theme.

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Application Deadline: April 1, 2021 (Rolling Admission)

"If you have an opportunity to study abroad, definitely do it. You get to travel around different places you’ve never been before in Europe, and you get to meet new people and see things from a different cultural perspective."

Agni Stavrinaky, Systems Engineering, Valencia 2017 Participant

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