Office of Graduate Programs

The Office of Graduate Programs leads and provides direction for all aspects of UVA Engineering's graduate education program. The office's work is aimed at attracting outstanding graduate students and ensuring their success during the pursuit of their degrees and beyond.


Responsibilities of the Office of Graduate Programs:

  • Recruit outstanding graduate students
  • Facilitate graduate admissions
  • Administer registrations, transcripts, other records and degree certifications for graduate students
  • Partner with faculty to provide excellent education and research opportunities for graduate students
  • Provide professional development opportunities for graduate students, in collaboration with the Center for Engineering Career Development


Staff Contact Information 


Amy Clobes, Director of Graduate Programs
Thornton Hall, Room A109


Admissions and Recruiting

Iva Gillet, Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Thornton Hall, Room A107

Carla Davis, Graduate Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
Thornton Hall, C350


Records, Enrollment & Degree Verification

Barbara Graves, Registrar for Graduate Programs
Thornton Hall, Room A108

Jayne Weber, Assistant Registrar for Graduate Programs
Thornton Hall, Room A108


Student Employment and Financial Aid

Joan E. Wicks, Graduate Financial Resources Coordinator
Thornton Hall, Room A206


Graduate Writing Lab

Kelly Cunningham, Director
Thornton Hall, Room D216


Student Support Services

Alex Hall, Associate Dean of Students
Thornton Hall, Room A112

Liz Ramirez-Weaver, CAPS Psychotherapist
Thornton Hall, Room B205
434-243-5150 (see more information below on how to make an appoitnment with Liz)