Lead a Writing Session

Get writing done while adding a cv line

The Graduate Writing Lab invites UVA Engineering graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff to become WriteHere! facilitators (sign up ).

Sessions follow a pomodoro structure (25 minutes of writing, followed by a 5 minute break) with a goals check in at the beginning and a progress check at the end. Sessions are usually 2 hours long but can range from 1.5 to 4 hours in length depending on facilitator preference.

You can lead or colead one or more sessions during a special event or during the semester (Fall/Spring/Summer).  Typically, facilitators lead weekly sessions for a given semester.

Cofacilitators are highly encouraged as they form a good base to start a group and allow for greater continuity.

Sessions since 2020 have been run primarily via Zoom & Slack (no in person components). Facilitators usually unmute audio and video during breaks and mute it during work time. If facilitators have an interest in hosting in person sessions, they may propose these as well.

We help advertise, guide the structure, prep the materials, and give you instructions. You

  • record and report attendance (or use a GWL zoom link)
  • run the goal setting check in
  • keep time during the session
  • announce start/stop onsite and on slack
  • get writing/work done along with everyone else
  • call for the end of session progress check in

Sessions are usually 2 hours (10 min check in, 25/5, 25/5, 25, 10 check in ~1hr 45 min), but there may be opportunities to run shorter 1.5 hour (10 min check in, 25/5, 25, 10 check in ~1hr 15 min) or longer 2.5 hour  (10 min check in, 25/5, 25/5, 25/5, 25, 10 check in ~2 hr 15 min) sessions depending on schedules.

Sign up

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