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Help UVA graduate engineering develop skilled communicators.

The Graduate Writing Lab provides a number of opportunities for faculty, post docs, and graduate students to get involved. Those with research or grant writing experience might considering being on a panel or leading a workshop. Future opportunities may exist for assisting with research projects, text cleaning, text analysis, qualitative coding, resource development, consultant training and more. If you would like to get involved but do not see a specific opportunity below, please email

  • Join the Fellowship Mentor Network

    Help graduate engineering students prepare graduate & postdoctoral fellowship applications

    Have you won, recieved honorable mention on, reviewed for or advised a graduate or postdoctoral fellowship? If so, consider volunteering to help graduate engineering students with their fellowship applications. The fellowship mentor network is a new (Fa21) GWL initiative to help identify and connect fellowship mentors in the UVA Engineering community. How you volunteer is up to you- you can meet with applicants, give feedback on proposals, develop support materials, serve as a panelist, andwer questions online, offer a workshop or more. Sign up on the interest form. As the network in formalized, details will follow. Some informal connections have already been made. We appreciet your support an dideas as this new initiative takes shape. Questions can be directed to

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  • Facilitate WriteHere! Show Up & Write/Work Sessions

    Need to get some writing or other work done on your schedule but need time to focus? Why not lead one of our structured writing/work sessions? You choose times that fit your schedule and we help make it happen. You get all the benefits of attending a writing session, but get a cv line in the process. See the link for additional details and sign up.

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  • Share your favorite software

    Open to UVA graduate students, faculty, & staff

    Have you found useful tools, apps, or software that would make writing a research paper, thesis or dissertation a little less stressful? Are you enthusiastic about a reading or productivity app, a reference manager or visual design software?Share you experience with the UVA Engineering community by giving a demo during a software showcase, creating a guide or going further and presenting a how to workshop. Sign up online.

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  • Become a GRFP Mentor

    Help graduate engineering students prepare their NSF fellowship applications

    Do you have experience with the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)? Are you an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipient or honorable mention? Volunteer to support graduate engineering GRFP applicants. Opportunities include meeting 1-on-1 with applicants, giving feedback, developing/identifying materials, giving presentations, and participating in a panel. Additional ideas for involvement and interest in offering events & support for other fellowships are also welcome. We typically recruit mentors in late spring/early summer to mentor in summer/ fall. Feel free to email to get connected.

  • Lead an Event

    offer a workshop, be a speaker, join or arrange a panel

    The Graduate Writing Lab invites faculty, staff, graduate students and postdocs to become speakers for GWL events. We would welcome workshops and presentations on a variety of writing, presenting, visualization, and poster prep topics. Share what you know about writing research articles. For instance, you might repurpose a presentation on writing introductions for a grad class and offer it as an interactive workshop open to all grad students & postdocs in Engineering. Or consider organizing all the feedback you keep giving on posters into a presentation or resource that could benefit a wider range of students and save you some time in the future. Email or DM kellyc(gwl) in slack to discuss your ideas and upcoming opportunities.

  • Become a GWL Consultant

    open to current UVA graduate students eligible for hourly grad student work

    The UVA Engineering Graduate Writing Lab regularly seeks new applicants for GWL Consultants. Positions are posted in handshake, usually in the summer, but new consultants may be hired at any time of year. Consultant positions are hourly graduate student appointments and subject to the related regulations. Consultants work 1on1 with students and postdocs on writing, presentations and visuals; lead workshops; develop materials; maintain accurate records and more. Applicants typically have some combination of experience with, training in, and/or knowledge of tutoring, teaching, ESL, VISAS, empirical research writing (especially IMRD format), engineering/technical/science writing, visual design pricinples, graduate school expectations and milestones, educational materials development, workshop development, conference presentations, and/or academic posters.