2022 GWL Adjustments- continuing online

GWL offerings continue to be offered through online platforms. This is in part in response to previous university changes in response to the pandemic and in part based on practical considerations and graduate student and postdoc feedback that strongly favored online offerings. If you are a current UVA Engineering graduate student who has trouble accessing GWL online offerings, please email us so we can help find solutions (gradwritinglab@virginia.edu) and work with SDAC if needed.


One on One Consultations


Peer Review Groups

  • PRGs remain online via Zoom
  • PRG communication for members is still via Slack



  • Spring 2022 events (workshops, panels, showcases) are being offered through Zoom.
  • There are no in person workshop offerings for these events.
  • To participate, register for the event and the zoom link is emailed automatically after registration. Sometimes the zoom link is emailed to grad engineering students on the day of the event for last minute joining.
  • For events that do not have registration (ex. software showcases), the zoom link is posted on the event page.
  • At the time of the event sign in with your UVA Zoom account and copy/paste the link to a browser to join the event.
  • Live events use automated captioning. If you notice the captions are not on, please click the request captions link for the presenter to enable them. Since we cannot set this in advance, it is possible for a presenter to forget to turn them on.
  • Most online live events employ automated (ASR) captions. Engineering graduate students needing accommodations from the GWL to participate in events should email the GWL (GRADWRITINGLAB@VIRGINIA.EDU) at least 10 days before the event from their UVA email so that arrangements may be made with the STUDENT DISABILITY ACCESS CENTER (SDAC) or others as needed. The email should include name, UVA email, and the nature of the needed accommodation (examples: live captioning, ASL interpretation, etc.).
  • Events are real time synchronous and typically not recorded. Slides or related resources may be available online or by request (email gradwritinglab@virginia.edu on the day of the event for slides & resources). Note also that most events are offered on a regular basis so participation may be possible in another semester.
  • Some workshop content and select recorded panels may also be available in video form. Videos are posted in Panopto & accessible via the GWL Collab and are professionally captioned. This content is separate from live events and does not follow the event schedule.
  • Events are listed with UVA's time zone (US Eastern).



  • WriteHere! is expected to continue to operate through the #writehere channel in Slack & zoom as a primary participation method
  • Check in to your session in Slack or Zoom to be counted on the attendance & share your goals


Complete offering details are available on the website.


Zoom: UVA provides free Zoom Pro accounts. If you have not set yours up yet, you can create a UVA Zoom account here.

Zoom Desktop & training: Zoom desktop or mobile app is required to present your work via screen share in consultations & PRGs. You can download Zoom desktop client and mobile apps here, and find out more on Zoom's site. You can also see more about how Zoom is used in consultations by viewing the 'online appointments' section of the GWL's one-on-one consultations page. This section explains how to use zoom for presenting and getting feedback on your work and includes links to our screenshot step-by-step guide for students.


Consultations may not be taking place at the physical GWL office, but operations and programming remains fully in place. Email & Slack continue to be our primary means of communication. We still welcome new ideas, collaborations, and volunteers. Graduate students or postdocs with questions or concerns are encouraged to email gradwritinglab@virginia.edu or private message kellyc (GWL) in Slack as usual.


We expect these adjustments to remain in place at least through the Summer 2022 semester.


This information was late updated 04/18/2022