In Their Own Words

Alumni share: “Why I Chose the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering” and “The Value of the AMP Learning Community”

“I wanted an academically rigorous, quantitative curriculum that treated SE as an engineering discipline, and for that AMP is without peer. The excellent instructors from both UVA Engineering and Darden, the tight-knit cohort in which I made several lifelong friends, and the executive, residential format made my year in AMP an intense, fulfilling, and memorable experience.”

“When I discovered the UVA program in 2010, it seemed to offer the learning experience I needed: secluded time on campus, a consistent collaborative learning cohort, and an accelerated instruction pace.”

“Choosing an in-person, face-to-face program has tremendous benefits for learning the AMP curriculum as well as encouraging and further developing team work and personal interactions.”

“I found the learning environment on Grounds extremely beneficial to my focus on the program; being in a true academic setting helped put me in the proper mindset and served as a constant reminder of my goals.”

“… nothing can replicate the interactions and learning that take place in-person between the students and professors – and more importantly, from student to student. I often found myself learning just as much if not more from a group of dedicated, focused individuals sharing a common goal.”

“…there’s an intangible value to being able sit across from your classmates as you work on group exercises, shake your professor’s hand, and really get to know and meet the people in a field like Systems Engineering, where being able to work with others and work in groups effectively is not optional, it’s a requirement.”

“This one-year rigorous class schedule is very important… With all the other distractions of life while trying to get a masters degree and hold down a full-time job, I look forward to the study rigor and the structure the Accelerated Master’s Program [provides]… I am driven by the program to complete it in one year.”

“…AMP students have direct access to UVA’s world-class faculty, researchers, and resources, giving confidence in a quality of education superior to typical distance learning formats.”

“Higher learning is not just about advanced scholarship, but equally professional fellowship. By shaping its educational experience around a cohort of students who tackle challenges together on Grounds, AMP embeds a rigorous academic core within a rich context of intellectual dialogue, practical application, and collaborative achievement….”

“I continue to look back on my experience with the AMP program of 2009 with pride and gratitude. I learned a great deal both in the classroom and from my peers in the program, especially because they came from fields so different from mine.”

“The relationships that I established during AMP provided perspective and insight on the course material during the program as well as contacts throughout industry that continue to benefit me after graduation.”

“I chose to get my masters degree through AMP because it offered face-to-face instruction while still allowing me to continue working a full-time job.”

“I’m glad I did it. This was a case of “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”: the cohort aspect was not a factor in my decision to enter the AMP, but what I learned about small group dynamics from interacting with peers was a big part of what I took away from the program. And the AMP professors all seemed to enjoy working with our group.”

“…knowing and working with one’s peers in person, there is a certain camaraderie and built-in support system in the physical classroom that help to ease the challenging times that undoubtedly will occur during any worthwhile course of study, particularly in an accelerated one.”

“Notwithstanding the obvious draw of spending time on the Grounds of UVA, many relationships I developed in face-to-face classes with both classmates and professors exist to this day (10 years later).”

“…the faculty of this program go the extra mile to ensure you succeed, whether that’s making themselves available for one-on-one feedback or just having a real conversation with you.”

“I continue to be 100% satisfied with my decision to enroll in AMP. The education was top notch and I have used a system’s thinking approach in general and the material from Professor Haimes’ course extensively.”

“You have a stellar, rigorous program, that is respected within industry, and that I still believe is one of the best in the nation.”

“I would recommend AMP to anyone who wants an opportunity to grow and learn about the interactions of people, technologies, and information in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding.”