Career Impact

Whether you are seeking new challenges and a promotion within your current company, aiming to start your own business, or heading in a new direction, the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering will give you the skills you need to advance your career.

Sal Syed

"The analytical mindset, as well as mathematical and business skills that I honed throughout AMP are directly applicable to my job. I didn’t realize how much impact AMP would have on my performance. The critical thinking and advanced quantitative skills really help to sharpen your mind."

Salman Syed, AMP ’07, Consulting Magazine Top 30 Under Thirty 2008

"Over the course of the program, AMP instilled and then reinforced the idea of taking time up front to make sure I’m answering the right problem with the right approach before jumping into a step-by-step process. I like that so many of the classes focus on problem definition first and let the techniques follow from there. I find myself taking an extra few minutes at work to be thoughtful about why I’m doing something before doing it."

Jonathan Goodnight, AMP ’10, American Business Awards Technical Professional of the Year 2010
Aubrey Parsley

"This coming Friday … will by my first day as a Strategic Planning Analyst …. I can say with a great deal of confidence that had it not been for AMP, this opportunity would not have been possible. Systems thinking and methodologies… were greeted with a great deal of interest during my hiring process, and … were prevalent throughout discussions with my future employer on problem solving…. [T]he Capstone project was very relevant during my interviews as it provided a great lead in to discussions about working as a team on large scale, difficult problems in a short amount of time. Please pass my thanks along to all of those who make AMP the unparalleled learning experience that it is."

R. Aubrey Parsley, AMP ’11, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Val Grinberg

"My experience in the program has been incredibly beneficial personally and professionally. I work at CarMax headquarters as a strategy analyst, where I concentrate on areas related to store operations. I can tell you that I use my Systems education every day, as it is particularly well-suited to the types of problems I work on."

Val Grinberg, AMP ’07