The University of Virginia Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering values the skills and perspectives of military veterans and actively seeks to include veterans in each of the Program’s cohorts of students. Created to meet the educational needs of U.S. military veterans, AMP-V aims to assist veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce and provide a pathway to a rewarding career supported by an advanced degree in Systems Engineering.

UVA Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering - Veterans and Active-Duty Military

Serving Those Who Have Served

Why AMP-V?

Demand is soaring for talented technical professionals who can solve increasingly complex problems. Veterans possess many valuable skills and personal assets gained in the military: leadership, discipline, integrity, decision making, and teamwork. With these values and the knowledge, problem-solving approach, and analytical tools they gain in UVa’s Accelerated Master’s Program, veterans are well-equipped to support effective decision-making in a wide range of industries and endeavors. AMP-V permits veterans to work full-time while pursuing the degree, is economically viable for the students, and provides a clear path to either a new or improved job in engineering. The AMP cohort provides support during the program and creates a professional network that will last a lifetime.

What is AMP-V?

The University of Virginia Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering (AMP) enables working professionals to earn their master’s degrees in one year without interrupting their careers. The rigorous curriculum has a focus on systems thinking and data analytics. Building upon 15+ years of success, the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering offers a practice-oriented master’s degree program that is well suited to meet the needs of veterans. AMP-V is designed to transition veterans into leading-edge engineering and information technology jobs, or to advance the careers of veterans already working in the field.

What are the advantages of AMP-V for veterans in transition and for veterans who are already working in Systems Engineering or a related technical field?

AMP-V helps veterans enhance their skills and advance their careers. The collaborative cohort enables AMP students to establish a robust network of experienced engineers working in diverse fields. Veterans and their classmates will participate in the AMP Capstone Project, a one-week intensive design project in which students work on a real-world problem for a real client in project teams with other talented engineers. Team members present their recommendations to clients and may connect with industry and governmental employers who are seeking leaders with the exceptional skills and experience veterans can offer.

What must I do to qualify for the AMP-V if my bachelor’s degree is not in engineering, math, science, or another technical discipline?

A strong math background is essential to success in the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering. Candidates for admission typically demonstrate their proficiency by successful completion of at least two semesters of calculus, linear algebra or an equivalent course, and courses or experience in computer programming. Completing a calculus-based probability course is highly recommended. If you have a bachelor’s degree but lack one or more of the necessary courses, or if you need remediation or a refresher, you may submit a plan to show how you intend to meet the requirements before entering the AMP-V. We will work with you to identify courses nearby or online or a self-study program that will satisfy the requirements and prepare you to be successful in the program.

How should I prepare for AMP-V and a career in Systems Engineering if I do not have a bachelor’s degree?

Earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering or another discipline from an accredited college or university. Make sure you include courses that satisfy the AMP’s math proficiency requirements in your program of study.

Is financial support available?

Veterans should contact the VA to determine their eligibility for G.I. Bill education benefits. The AMP course load meets the VA criteria for full-time student status. Many employers subsidize their employees’ education expenses. Some agencies and professional organizations offer scholarships. Federal education loans are available that can supplement education assistance funds or cover the entire cost of the program, if needed. Additional funds are available for tutoring and for purchasing a new laptop computer. All admitted AMP and AMP-V students qualify for education loans administered by the University of Virginia.

Why is Systems Engineering a good choice for veterans?

Systems Engineering has been named “the best job in the country” by Throughout the economic downturn and recovery and in the current economic environment, our nation has faced and continues to face a shortage of well-qualified individuals with the education and experience to take on the challenges of advanced technology positions. Private companies and government agencies cannot fill advanced technology positions they have available, especially when they seek individuals who are U.S. citizens and/or hold active security clearances. With over 400,000 veterans qualifying for benefits under the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill initially and another 100,000 qualifying in subsequent years, many talented, experienced individuals who have served our nation are looking for career opportunities and education that will help them pursue their goals. The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill affords them the opportunity to gain critical knowledge and skills that qualify them for jobs that leverage their military training and experience.