The AMP Cohort

"As a practicing engineer for over 30 years, I found the Accelerated Masters Program in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia to be one of the finest engineering and educational experiences I’ve ever had. My cohort was composed of some of the smartest men and women I’ve had the pleasure to be around in my career. Being taught and housed On-Grounds at UVA in first class facilities was the icing on the cake. "

Tom Rohrbaugh, AMP ’04 - TM/R Engineering

The Value of the Cohort

Learn about the value of the cohort from AMP students and alumni in this short (< 2 min.) video.

The cohort of talented classmates who learn from the faculty and each other is a key asset of the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering (AMP). Each year the Accelerated Master’s Program enrolls 30 to 40 highly motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds. As students progress through this rigorous education program together, the members of the cohort form strong bonds with one another and establish a solid group identity. AMP students are often engaged in small group learning, both formally in case-study breakout sessions and project groups, and informally in student-generated study groups and discussions. As they interact with classmates from different industries, with different backgrounds and experiences, AMP students look at problems from new perspectives, learn from their colleagues, and develop life-long friendships and professional networks. The cohort learning model provides support during the program, and the AMP Alumni Network is a valuable resource going forward.

"You learn so much from each other. The group dynamic is amazing! It’s really powerful when you begin to collaborate."

Brendon FitzPatrick, AMP ’08 - National Optronics

Living and Learning Together

Thomas Jefferson envisioned an “Academical Village” where shared learning is an integral part of daily life. The Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering creates its learning community through the cohort model and discussions among students and faculty that continue over meals and in informal settings. The cohort is strengthened by time spent together on Grounds, lodging together in the Inn at Darden, and even car pools that provide much more than shared transportation.

"The first week-in-residence with Professor Scherer when the group bonds is key. Personal one on one interactions are a profoundly powerful way of learning."

Bruce Budinger, AMP ’12 - Northrop Grumman Maritime Systems

"This was truly a life changing experience. The program has provided me not only tools, but confidence. I really felt like we were in a family atmosphere, and I know I will cherish the relationships I have built with faculty and students for the rest of my life."

Mike Anderson, AMP ’13 - President, The RAC Group A service-disabled veteran owned company