Advantages for Working Professionals

“The Accelerated Master’s Degree Program offers a number of distinct advantages for working professionals. First of all, its aggressive schedule makes it possible for professionals to complete a master’s degree while working full-time. Second, it is held on Grounds at the University of Virginia, making it easier for students to focus exclusively on their classes, while taking advantage of the resources of the nation’s best public university—including access to some of the very best professors in the field. Finally, it brings students together with other people with similar backgrounds and career interests. As a result, classes have an unusual immediacy and practical relevancy.”

Michael Condon
Partner, Accenture Incorporated

Advantages for Working Professionals

One-Year Weekend Format

 Two weeks in residence “bookend” a total of twenty alternate Friday/Saturday class weekends. This schedule enables working professionals to earn their master’s degrees in one year without interrupting their careers. Students begin the program in late May and receive their degrees the following May. You can see the current year’s schedule of classes on the “Schedule” page under the “Current Students” drop down menu.

Top-Notch Faculty

 All courses are taught by full-time faculty from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Darden Graduate School of Business. Professors are the same leading scholars who teach in the full-time on Grounds graduate programs. Friday night seminars provide a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and academic specialists.

Rigorous Curriculum

Practical analytical skills are built on a foundation of systems concepts through case-based instruction. Real-world cases demonstrate the applicability of concepts, and students apply the skills they gain in their workplaces throughout the year. Challenging courses are carefully coordinated. AMP students finish the Program with a coherent body of knowledge and the confidence they need to tackle problems involving any large-scale complex system.

Conducive Environmen

The learning environment is highly collaborative and supportive. Classes, meals, and lodging are all at the Darden School in facilities that are attractive, comfortable and technologically advanced. Graduate teaching assistants provide academic support and lead online study sessions. AMP staff facilitate logistics and University processes for students so the Program runs smoothly without distractions. The advantage of being “nearby but apart” (Charlottesville is about 2 hours from the Metro DC Area and about 3 hours from the Hampton Roads area) enables students to focus totally on learning while they are on the UVa Grounds.

Extraordinary Classmates

Each year the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering enrolls 30 to 40 highly competent and motivated students from diverse backgrounds and industries. Each member of the cohort contributes his or her talents and expertise to the experience of the group. Students learn from their colleagues and help each other succeed. Relationships built through the Program create personal friendships and professional networks that last a lifetime.