In Their Own Words

"“In terms of what I am getting out of the AMP, I can’t speak enough about how much it’s helped me in my workplace and how well this degree will serve me in the future. The things I’ve learned provide a depth and breadth that go far beyond what I expected from the get-go. I know it’s a cliche, but believe me when I say that the things I learn on Friday and Saturday are things that I can put to work on Monday….”"

Alan Clinard, AMP ’12, Consultant US Bank | US Army 1998 – 2004

"This is a great program …. I was initially more sold on the one year duration of the program and the convenience of the location, but I have been very surprised at how much I have learned from working with a set of peers on the same track."

Christopher Durham, AMP ’13, Mission Health System (previously Northrop Grumman Maritime Systems) | US Navy 1994 – 2000, Maryland Army National Guard 2007 – 2008, Virginia National Guard 2010 – present

AMP '10 Veteran AMP Graduate Testimonials

There are nine veterans and active duty military officers in the 2016 – 17 Accelerated Master’s Program cohort. Twelve veterans were members of the AMP ’13 cohort, and twelve graduated in 2012 as well. Hear what AMP ’10 graduates who are veterans say about the Program in this short video.

AMP ’14 graduate Eric Krogh’s diploma ceremony speech

Former Navy officer and AMP ’14 graduate Eric Krogh’s comments at the UVa Systems Engineering diploma ceremony highlight the value of the program and the face-to-face cohort learning experience.