AMS REU Symposium

UVA Engineering faculty, staff and students celebrated the accomplishments the 2022 AMS REU participants, who presented their research at the program's final symposium on August 5, 2022, in Wilsdorf Hall.

William H. Guilford, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, opened the program. The students presented posters on their research, organized along program's four research themes:  additive manufacturing and printing; nanomaterials synthesis, materials development and discovery, and electrochemical processes. See the symposium agenda to learn more about the students' projects.

Our sincere thanks to the National Science Foundation for primary support of the AMS REU under grant DMR-2050867. Additional funds were generously provided by the Micron Foundation.


Meet the AMS REU Students

  • Jaysen Dildy

    Jaysen Dildy

    Jaysen Dildy is a rising junior at Norfolk State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical and electronics engineering. After graduation, he will likely attend graduate school with the goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of computer hardware. Jaysen was born and raised in the Old Dominion, coming from the small city of Suffolk. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, PC building and playing bass guitar in his school jazz band.

  • DaJae Doral

    DaJae Doral

    DaJae Doral is a senior studying at Northern Arizona University. She is graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering this December. Next year, she will pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in solid mechanics. In her spare time, DaJae enjoys thrifting vinyl records and making cinnamon rolls.

  • Brian Heidler

    Brian Heidler

    Brian Heidler will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a rising junior transferring from Germanna Community College. He is majoring in mechanical engineering and is from Stafford, Virginia. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and photography, but not at the same time.

  • Will Hemmingson

    Will Hemmingson

    Will Hemmingson is a rising fourth-year at James Madison University, studying materials chemistry with a minor in mathematics. He is committed to earning his Ph.D. in materials chemistry. Will is the president of JMU’s chapter of the professional chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, and co-captain of the varsity e-Sports team. He enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, watching movies and hiking.

  • Jailynn Keyes

    Jailynn Keyes

    Jailynn Keyes is a rising sophomore and is transferring from Germanna Community College to attend Old Dominion University in this upcoming fall semester. She is majoring in mechanical engineering. When she is not at school, she enjoys reading mystery and fantasy novels, hanging out with friends, making money and watching movies. She is expected to graduate in the spring of 2025.

  • Reagan Merkel

    Reagan Merkel

    Reagan Merkel attends Germanna Community College, majoring in mechanical engineering, and is a rising second-year student. After earning her associate’s degree, she plans on attending Virginia Tech to receive her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Reagan hails from Stafford, Virginia. She enjoys spending time with her animals and volunteering at animal rescues.

  • Mary O'Sullivan

    Mary O'Sullivan

    Mary O’Sullivan is a rising senior at Randolph-Macon College, majoring in engineering and minoring in both chemistry and mathematics. In the upcoming year, while she works to finish out her undergraduate education, Mary will be applying to graduate schools with an interest in nanotechnology. Mary is from the small town of Colonial Beach, Virginia. In her spare time she enjoys being with friends, family and her kitten.

  • Colleen Piccolo

    Colleen Piccolo

    Colleen Piccolo is a rising second-year student at Germanna Community College, currently pursuing an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating from Germanna, Colleen plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at a four-year university. Colleen is from the Stafford, Virginia area. In her spare time, Colleen enjoys playing the violin.

  • Madison Stampley

    Madison Stampley

    Madison Stampley is a rising senior chemical engineering major pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at Hampton University. She plans to attend graduate school with a focus on green methodologies. Madison is a born-and-raised Texan, hailing from Dallas. In her spare time, she enjoys finding new music to listen to, learning about languages and playing with the family guinea pig, Bubbles.

  • Joe Venturato

    Joe Venturato

    Joe Venturato will attend Virginia Tech in the fall as a sophomore transferring from Laurel Ridge Community College. He is majoring in materials science engineering. Joe loves being around friends and family, tennis, spikeball, volleyball, ping pong, running, skiing, kayaking, swimming, reading, studying, music, and playing video games.

  • Sage Wibberley

    Sage Wibberley

    Sage Wibberley is a rising second-year student at Piedmont Virginia Community College majoring in general engineering. After earning his associate's degree, Sage intends to pursue a master's in civil engineering. In his free time, he enjoys hiking to find the perfect overlook, tinkering with computers and good music.