As the University of Virginia moves into its third century, UVA Engineering is leading the way, making the world a better place by creating knowledge and preparing students to solve global challenges.

Our researchers and students imagine a reality when new methods to prevent and treat disease lead to healthier, longer lives; when the cyber age makes day-to-day life more efficient with smart, connected and secure technologies; and when communities have tools for resilience in such areas as energy, transportation, infrastructure and climate change.

UVA Engineering is innovative in its pursuit to deliver value to society. As the first engineering school in the south and the fourth university-level engineering school in the nation, we have a strong history of educating engineering leaders and making a positive difference for the world. We are investing in an interdisciplinary approach to research and education, with an emphasis on creating knowledge and technologies in areas of significant societal need. We are redefining diversity as excellence expressing itself through the intersection of every individual’s perspectives and lived experiences. Faculty are working with colleagues across disciplinary boundaries and across the University to address challenges in healthcare, cyber and sustainability.

This strategic approach has helped us recruit strong researchers and teachers to join our world-renowned faculty and attract an increasing number of outstanding graduate students. Meanwhile, UVA Engineering continues to enroll some of the best undergraduate students in the country, drawn by the hands-on learning opportunities offered here.

With a vision for the future and a focus on our strengths in education and research, UVA Engineering is making the world a better place.

Technology & Innovation

As the challenges our students and faculty face grow increasingly complex, we strive to provide modern, specialized environments to produce transformative research. With our focus on technology and innovation, we must continuously advance our facilities and infrastructure as we move into UVA’s...

Faculty Excellence

Addressing problems of increasing magnitude requires collaborating across many disciplines, creating new, more powerful tools and generating, collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. At its core, this mission requires our faculty to re-imagine their role as teachers—from dispensers of...

Student Experience

The students who graduate in the 2020s, whether they become researchers, policymakers, or entrepreneurs, will be responsible for the next great waves of technological innovation. Preparing our undergraduates is an inspiring opportunity.