Faculty Excellence

Addressing problems of increasing magnitude requires collaborating across many disciplines, creating new, more powerful tools and generating, collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. At its core, this mission requires our faculty to re-imagine their role as teachers—from dispensers of knowledge to mentors and guides.

Faculty members are actively collaborating across schools at UVA. With researchers from the School of Medicine, we are developing new ways to regenerate tissue, helping wounded warriors and others who have suffered disfiguring and debilitating injuries. We are pioneering a new form of medical imaging that combines lasers with ultrasound to gather functional information about the body; fine-tuning a security system designed to protect mission-critical military networks from intrusion; and developing near-zero-power radio receivers to enable energy efficient wireless sensors. With the College of Arts & Sciences, we are working to remediate groundwater pollution at a time of looming water shortages. Our faculty is harnessing data analytics to address issues ranging from academic achievement gaps in STEM education to early diagnosis of sepsis in infants.

Our faculty members also are participating in research on a global scale, partnering with researchers at world-class institutions such as the Max Planck Society as well as leading multi-university initiatives that bring together researchers from the most prestigious engineering schools in the United States. UVA Engineering, for example, is leading a $29.5 million, 10-university center to remove a 70-year-old computing bottleneck between memories that store data and processors that operate on it, unlocking new possibilities for mining huge data sets to solve complex societal challenges.

At UVA Engineering, we are creating knowledge and tools to tackle some of society’s most intractable problems.

Bicentennial Professors Fund

Endowed professorships enable UVA Engineering to recruit dynamic faculty, who drive research and collaboration at the University and cultivate a thriving academic environment.