Graduate Fellows Initiative

The Graduate Fellows Initiative gives our alumni, parents and industry partners an opportunity to help us shape the future of the School of Engineering and the entire University. In 2016, we launched a fundraising initiative to create a $5 million fellowship fund to help us recruit the world’s top graduate students. These fellowships give faculty members the confidence to immediately extend offers to graduate students, regardless of the availability of grant funding. The fellowships support students during their first year until they transition to funding from a research grant or contract.

UVA Engineering’s continued success will be driven by the graduate students we recruit today. Since its inception, the Graduate Fellows Initiative has helped us grow the graduate program while maintaining its high quality. We have leveraged this momentum to attract new faculty members who are world-class researchers and passionate teachers. The graduate students themselves will enrich the undergraduate experience by serving as teaching assistants and research mentors. They will also play a critical role in elevating UVA Engineering’s national prominence by increasing the volume and impact of our research.

If you have interest in making a gift to support the Graduate Fellows Initiative, please contact the UVA Engineering Office of Advancement at 434-924-3045 or