What started out as a University of Virginia student project led by Ameer Shakeel, Payam Pourtaheri, Joseph Frank, Sepehr Zomorodi and Zach Davis in Dr. Mark Kester's lab several years ago has come quite a long way. Earlier this month, AgroSpheres ­ announced a multi-year collaboration with Bayer to create novel modalities of biologicals for use as crop protection products. Learn more about this exciting new partnership: Link

Biomolecules such as peptides and nucleic acids have demonstrated great promise in the lab but have generally struggled to yield consistent results for commercial biological development. The AgriCell technology fills the missing link in delivering reliable field performance and opening new markets for high-performance biopesticides. Used with novel modalities, AgriCell technology will help deliver biopesticides that:

  • Outperform traditional biologicals
  • Are non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Are durable in the environment
  • Target specific pests
  • Help manage resistance