Hill Johnson is now a senior design engineer at a medical device startup. He earned a master of engineering degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Virginia. Here's what he says about how his educational experiences helped to shape his career:

"Through the ME program at UVA, I learned the necessary skills to identify, present, and solve key clinical challenges seen firsthand in UVA clinic. As a direct result of the skills gained during my time at UVA, I have been privileged to accept the role of Senior Design Engineer at a medical device startup. My team and I apply our technical design skills to revolutionize the patient experience. Thanks to the skills and network I developed during my time at UVA, I was prepared to take a lead role at a young company with the confidence required to ensure that project remained on track for commercialization. The ME program at UVA helped me foster a skillset unique to my passions in the medical field and prepared me to make an immediate impact on the industry after graduation."