Shared with permission of Pamela Norris, UVA Engineering Executive Dean, who serves as chair of ASEE Engineering Research Council.

ASEE Engineering Research Council (ERC) Community,

I write to you as Chair of the ASEE ERC. As many Universities transition to online education, the impact on Research operations is a topic of great importance to this community.  Many of us are in a position of leadership, developing approaches and communications around these issues.  At our annual Research Leadership Institute which we hosted in DC last week, the attendees held an ad-hoc session to discuss Research Continuity Plans.  I think all of us that participated were very grateful for the opportunity to share approaches and promising practices, and I know it helped me in preparation for the issues I have been dealing with for the past week. 

To better serve our community of Engineering Research Leaders, we just launched a Facebook Community to serve as a resource repository for sharing of materials related to Continuity of Research Operations.  This is off of the ASEE Facebook page, and you can access the group here. 

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)ASEE Continuity of Research Operations Resources Repository

Please feel free to share with other research leaders at your university. 

I encourage us all to share materials which may be of value to the community.  We are all in this together, and no need for each University to reinvent the wheel (though local conditions will mandate some customized approaches).  Let’s share materials, ideas, approaches, and learn from each other in this time of great uncertainty and national need.

Stay safe,

Pam Norris

Chair of the ASEE ERC