Shared with permission of Katie Gorick, president of the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Society, to give ideas to others who might be looking for ways to create community right now:

In an effort to help keep connected to other grad students/post-docs/faculty in the department, GBMES is organizing the following virtual social events:

1. Virtual Happy Hour! Zoom in at 4pm on 3/27 with your own beverage/snacks/pet! 

Link here:

2. Eat Lunch with Friends! Active every work day from 11am-1pm if you want to socialize during your lunch break. Link here:

3. WriteHere! (now 2x a week): As Kristen emailed out about, WriteHere will continue virtually. To help provide more structure to WFH, we will be facilitating WriteHere twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30-3pm. Link here:

4. Stay Focused with Friends! Create a study room in Flora (free, iOS only) or Forest ($2, all phones) and share the password with friends. If anyone in the room leaves (uses their phone) before the timer ends, they’ll “kill” the virtual tree. We’ll be sending room codes intermittently in the GroupMe, too. 

Have more ideas to keep our community and your labs connected? Let us know!

Many thanks,

Katie Gorick (GBMES President)

Delaney Fisher (Social Chair)

Laura Dunphy (Seminar Co-Chair)

Kristen Fread (you all know Kristen, let's be real)