Who is recruiting this year for the Ph.D. program?

From the Graduate Admissions Committee, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

Below is a list of BME faculty who were willing and able to indicate a general level of enthusiasm for recruitment in the current application cycle. Note that not all our faculty are listed below. Some preferred not to disclose, and some are still uncertain about their recruiting needs, such that they could not with accuracy indicate a general level of enthusiasm.  Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty directly for more specific or up-to-date information about laboratory openings.


Actively recruiting

Daniel Abebayehu

Huiwang Ai

Tom Barker

Silvia Blemker

Phil Bourne

Liheng Cai

Mete Civelek

Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani

Don Griffin

Chris Highley

Kimberly Kelly

Hui Li

Jason Papin

Jeff Saucerman

Mami Taniuchi



Bryan Berger

Steven Caliari

Sepideh Dolatshahi

Peter Kasson

Matthew Lazzara

Kristen Naegle

Nathan Sheffield

Natasha Sheybani


Possibly recruiting

Fred Epstein

Brent French

John Hossack

Kevin Janes

Bijoy Kundu

Joshua Li

Craig Meyer

Rich Price

Gustavo Rohde

Chongzhi Zang


Not recruiting

Timothy Allen (Academic General Faculty Member)

Shannon Barker (Academic General Faculty Member)

Any joint or courtesy faculty who are not otherwise listed above

Center for Applied Biomechanics (interested applicants are encouraged to apply for graduate study through the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)