Summer Experiences

There are so many ways to spend your summer in a productive way!





Explore internships posted for UVA students on Handshake – sort by keyword or industry for best results. Look for recently posted positions by sorting by “date posted”


Internship Placement Program (IPP)

The IPP team matches you with a customized, pre-qualified internship placement based on the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals. We will help you develop your skills and knowledge through a Professional Development Workshop and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience.


Other Internship Job Boards

Search internship posting beyond Handshake at our favorite 3rd party internship websites and platforms


Policy Internship Program (PIP)

The Policy Internship Program (PIP) is a unique combination of coursework that focuses on communication and policy analysis skills and real, hands-on internships with top science and technology policymakers in Washington DC.



Forge offers a number of skill building courses, internship programs and events for students looking for experience in data analysis, UX, marketing, design and software.



UVA Dev Hub is an opportunity for all members of the University of Virginia community to collaborate on applications and solutions that benefit the campus.




Engineering Faculty Projects

Engineering faculty projects are posted in Handshake at the beginning of each semester with many summer opportunities.



A student-run research team and synthetic biology interest group. Selected students will participate in the International Genetic Engineering Machine competition through Spring semester, Summer and Fall. Team members work together to discover problems that can be solved using synthetic biology, design and engineering solutions to those problems, and implement functional prototypes of those solutions that will be presented during the iGEM Conference.


Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

Research experiences at universities across the country are listed with the National Science Foundation.


Summer Diabetes Research Internship 2022

The objectives of the program are to train the next generation of scientists and engineers to build an interdisciplinary research pipeline in the field of diabetes research and treatment through participating in challenging diabetes- related projects supervised by research mentors from UVA. It includes seminar- based lectures, individual student-tailored research projects, and clinical immersion. Specific emphasis is given to students from traditionally underrepresented racial, gender, and ethnic groups in the STEM and biomedical research fields.


Systems BioEngineering REU

Each summer, UVA trains undergraduates from a variety of STEM backgrounds in the skills, confidence, and mentorship necessary for successful careers in the exciting field of systems bioengineering.


Summer Research Internship Program

The School of Medicine offers a ten-week research internship to qualified undergraduates considering a career in biomedical research. Generous financial support, housing, and travel are provided to participants.


The UVA Kidney Technology Development Research Education Program

Nov. 12th Deadline:

The NIH-funded UVA Nephrology undergraduate training program (supported by NIDDK grant 1 R25 DK124918) will provide an immersive research and education experience for technology-oriented undergraduate students to participate in cutting-edge research in kidney diseases to generate innovative solutions for promoting kidney health.


Skill Building Courses



Coursera is an online learning platform in which students can foster and refine their career readiness by taking flexible online skill-development classes.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the new platform for free access to video tutorials that have been available from; and although you will be asked if you want to connect this service to your LinkedIn account when you log in, you are not required to do this or to have a LinkedIn account.  Access LinkedIn Learning's online training video library for courses and tutorials on hundreds of topics.

Learn App Design with SwiftUI – from Apple

SwiftUI Tutorial from Apple Developer. 4.5 hour estimated time to complete.





Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) Bridges Projects

Bridges is an initiative to connect UVA alumni and students through project-based work. UVA alumni post short-term, well-defined projects that students can complete in approximately 10-40 hours across 2-5 weeks. Students gain real-world project experience that they can put on their resumes. Alumni gain support, increased productivity, and delegation/supervision experience.



Propel is UVA's project-based learning program designed for students to gain valuable skills and solve real-world problems. Check out the J-Term Propel program with Capital One


Parker Dewey Projects

Students from all majors can execute professional assignments to build and demonstrate skills while exploring a variety of career paths.



Check out Hackathons posted on Major League Hacking (MLH) for hackathons that match your interests! Most have a virtual option so opportunities are available throughout the year. Employers tell us they love to see hackathons on student resumes.


Google Code Challenges

Google offers a number of ways to participate in coding challenges for every skill level!


Game Jams

Game Jams, like hackathons can be a great way to try something new and learn new skills.


Other UVA Summer Programs


Morven Summer Institute

The Morven Summer Institute is an innovative summer program hosted on UVA’s 3,000-acre Morven Farm, an emerging landscape for interdisciplinary learning at the University, located 20 minutes from UVA Grounds. At the Morven Summer Institute, undergraduate and graduate students with interests in sustainability, design, food systems, and ecology will have the opportunity to escape traditional confines of the classroom while working on projects with real-world applications.




Madison House

Charlottesville area volunteer opportunities


Code for Charlottesville

Code for Charlottesville brings together coders, designers, data analysts, researchers, and community partners to work on projects with local nonprofits and governmental agencies. We are a local chapter of Code for America, a national nonprofit dedicated to civic tech and volunteerism.

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