Every year our team hosts several career fairs, including the Spring Job & Internship Fair!  Learn how to prep like a pro for any career fair with these 5 action steps.  

1. Find out who will be there.
Review the list of employers participating in the two-day Spring Job & Internship Fair (on Wed., Jan. 31 and Thurs., Feb. 1) through the career fair listing in Handshake. TIP: Narrow the field of who to talk to by sorting employers by your field of interest and the year and/or major they’re recruiting.

2. Learn more about your top employers of interest. 

  • Read all information they shared in their career fair listing.
  • Review the company website and understand what the company does. 
  • See if they’ve been mentioned recently in the news.

3. Create a 1-page resume (error-free and easy-to-read!) to share with employers.

4. Develop and practice your “elevator pitch”, a 30-second soundbite of what you want employers to know as you first introduce yourself. Need help getting started? Use these tips:

  • Start with your name, year, and major. 
  • Follow with a couple of sentences that highlight what you’re interested in and how that connects to the company. 
  • Continue by mentioning a couple of recent courses, projects, internships, or experiences that have given you the skills the company is looking for. 
  • Help get the conversation started by finishing your pitch with a question for the company rep to respond to.  
  • Want more guidance? Watch this recording of an Elevator Pitch Workshop.

5. Plan your outfit in advance. 
The career fair is a come-as-you-are event. No business suits needed! IF you'd like to dress professionally, these style guides from our colleagues at VCU offer tips and pointers: