Many students spend hours preparing for and navigating the career fair...but what do you do AFTER the fair is over? It's time to follow up with company reps and take action.

Career Fair Follow Up

Within a week of the career fair (ideally 48 hours), send a thank you email to company representatives you met with at organizations of continued interest. Thank you notes demonstrate that a) you appreciated their time and b) you’re interested and proactive. Keep messages short and personalize each one. 

Introduce yourself and remind them that you met at the UVA Spring Job & Internship Fair. Mention 2-3 things you talked about to help the employer recall who you are (e.g., strengths, relevant experiences, an interest you learned you both share, etc.) Be sure to express appreciation for their time and any advice they offered. If you plan on applying to a job posting within a few days, mention that too (including if you’ve already applied). And check out this sample follow-up email.

UVA Fall Engineering, Science, and Technology Career Fair

Take Action

For the companies you are interested in, follow the recruiter’s instructions about applying for a position. If you need to submit your resume online, do so within a few days of the event (if the application is already online) so that you’re still fresh in the company’s mind. 

Prep for the Next Steps

Perhaps you’ve updated your resume, attended the career fair, and are gathering a list of application deadlines. Continue looking ahead and learn how to prep for interviews!

The career fair is a great resource, but it’s only one of many options for pursuing an internship or job. If you’d like to expand your search beyond the fair, learn about other search strategies, and continue developing your career exploration and readiness skills.

If we can offer advice throughout the internship/job search process, don’t hesitate to let us know! We offer one-on-one job search strategy appointments to help you identify next steps, get unstuck, and be successful.