News Archive

Matt Lazzara and collaborator Dr. BJ Purow awarded funding from the UVA Coulter Translational Research Partnership [July 2018].

Matt Lazzara is the lead PI on a new collaborative research grant funded by the NSF MCB Division. The project will leverage gene editing, live-cell imaging, and computational modeling to develop unprecedented understanding of the coupling between receptor trafficking and signaling. Collaborating PIs include: Alexander Sorkin (Pitt)Leslie Lowe (UConn), and Kevin Brown (UConn). [Aug 2017]

Matt Lazzara co-authors Integrative Biology paper entitled "An engineering design approach to systems biology" with colleagues at UVA, MIT, and Howard. [May 2017]

The Lazzara Lab traveled to Phoenix to give two presentations at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuro-oncology. [Nov 2016]

Lazzara lab traveled to San Francisco to present two talks at the annual meeting of the AIChE. [Nov 2016]

Matt Lazzara presented an invited talk entitled "Multivariate Cell Signaling Control of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition" at the annual meeting of the BMES. [Oct 2016]

Evan Day, Nisha Sosale, and Matt Lazzara publish review article entitled "Cell Signaling Regulation by Protein Phosphorylation: A Multivariate, Heterogeneous, and Context-dependent Process" in Current Opinion in Biotechnology. [Aug 2016]

The Lazzara Lab is very excited to be moving to the University of Virginia! Positions are open!  [Aug 2016]Lazzara Lab awarded new NIH R21 funding to collaborate with lab of Dr. Damien Thevenin (Lehigh University) to study signaling regulation by PTPRJ/DEP1. [Dec 2015]

Lazzara Lab awarded NSF CBET grant to study signaling regulation by SHP2 in glioblastoma. [Aug 2015]

Matt Lazzara is the recipient of a 2015 Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society. [July 2015]

Janine Buonato's paper on the role of SHP2 in EMT published in the Journal of Cell Science.

new paper by Chris Furcht, with Janine Buonato as co-author, has been accepted for publication at Science Signaling. The new paper is entitled "EGFR-activated Src family kinases maintain GAB1-SHP2 complexes distal from EGFR."

Alice Walsh's new paper on the role of Sprouty2 in glioma has been accepted for publication at Molecular Cancer Research. The study was undertaken in collaboration with the labs of Dr. Celeste Simon (Abramson Cancer Center, Penn) and Dr. Donald O'Rourke (Neurosurgery, Penn).

Cal Monast's new paper describing the application of computational modeling to identify the determinants of the efficacies of two different classes of EGFR-targeted therapeutics (kinase inhibitors and ligand-competitive monoclonal antibodies) has been accepted for publication in Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology.

new paper co-authored by Ph.D. candidates Christopher Furcht and Janine Buonato on the ability of SHP2 to exert multivariate control of survival and proliferative signaling in glioblastoma cells was recently published in the Journal of Cell Science.  The study was undertaken in collaboration with the lab of Dr. Celeste Simon (University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Research Center and HHMI).

Alice Walsh and Matt Lazzara participated as co-authors in a new paper published in PNAS (Dr. Raffaella Sordella, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, senior author) describing the identification of new isoform of p53 involved in reprogramming cells with metastatic properties.

Janine Buonato's new paper on the regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in lung cancer cells was recently published in Cancer Research. The paper shows for the first time that chronic inhibition of MEK/ERK signaling can reverse EMT and synergistically augment cell death response to EGFR inhibition. This has potential applications in cases of de novo and acquired resistance to EGFR inhibitors.