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Engineering-Powered Medicine

UVA engineers and clinicians are not merely creating traditional research partnerships but are forming a new sustainable ecosystem for advancing the future of medical care. From cancer and mobile health, to implantable sensors and patient monitoring, to big data for predictive medicine, researchers are developing ways to remedy cancer caregiver depression and anxiety, detect asthma attacks and predict malnutrition in children of local and global rural communities. The technologies made possible by integrating medicine and engineering, such as seamless mobile health apps, wireless body sensors and machine learning models for health, will transform how we tailor care and target disease.


Cancer and Mobile Health

Mobile health apps provide access to tailored, state-of-the-art care for patients and caregivers. The apps improve outcomes regarding treatment adherence and pain management and even decrease anxiety during recovery.


Novel Sensing Devices

Engineers and clinicians solve today's medical challenges such as developing a local "pain patch" to cut down on opioid drug use and creating in-body trachea sensors to aid in the early detection of asthma.

Faculty Fellowships

The center now supports faculty fellowships that embed UVA Engineering faculty members within the UVA School of Medicine.

Research News