Chemical engineering Ph.D. student Charles Leroux has been selected for an Elias Klein Founders’ Travel Supplement, which is given by the North American Membrane Society.

The award will reimburse Leroux up to $500 for travel expenses to attend NAMS 2023, the society’s annual meeting, to present his research, “Transport Property Modulation Via Solvent-Specific Behavior in Crosslinked Non-Aqueous Membranes.”

Leroux is investigating the effects of non-aqueous electrolyte solutions on the functional properties of crosslinked polymer membranes used in flow battery systems. The membranes are critical to the safety and efficiency of non-aqueous redox flow battery systems, which potentially offer a more cost-effective, safer and sustainable alternative to lithium-ion batteries for large-scale energy storage.

Leroux works with associate professors Geoff Geise, whose lab focuses on polymer membranes, and Gary Koenig, who specializes in materials for batteries and other storage applications.