2021 CHE Undergraduate Departmental Awards

Congratulations to this year’s chemical engineering undergraduate award winners.

A comprehensive list of 2021 chemical engineering departmental honors awarded to fourth-, third- and second-year students may found here.

Below, we honor this year’s graduating students who have received departmental awards for the 2020-2021 academic year.

American Institute of Chemists Award

Sponsored by the American Institute of Chemists Foundation, given to the student with the highest GPA in a chemistry-related discipline, including chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry.

  • Peter Miedaner

    “I have always loved being in a lab and especially love being at a university where everyone is so passionate about learning and discovery. I also am extremely interested in the theoretical side of chemistry and how it relates to fundamental questions of the mechanics that direct our universe.”

    Playing the Long Game to Make the World Better

David Lee Preddy Award

Honors David L. Preddy, a 1953 graduate in chemical engineering from UVA, to recognize outstanding academic performance with interest in chemical design and contributions to the University.

  • Ben Newhouse

    Ben Newhouse

    “One of the best parts of ChemE for me was the variety of topics offered in elective courses. The ChemE electives I took were engaging classes that offered something different than the normal engineering curriculum.”

  • Samuel Ong

    Samuel Ong

    “Chemical engineering has armed me with the knowledge and capability to both innovate and instigate changes in society. The work is never finished, but I am excited to dive headfirst into the challenges of energy production and storage to facilitate a brighter tomorrow.”

Louis T. Rader Chemical Engineering Prize for Undergraduate Students

Recognizes academic ability, an ability to get along well with others and an ability to work hard.

Chemical Engineering Faculty Award

Given for service to the department, special activities and scholarly achievement.

  • Paul Imbrogulio

    Paul Imbrogulio

    “I majored in chemical engineering with the goal of working in the pharmaceutical industry manufacturing products that can improve people’s health. The curriculum not only prepared me for a job in pharmaceuticals with the required technical knowledge, more importantly, it focused on skills like collaboration and critical thinking, which makes me much more versatile to take on any role in the future.”

  • Will McDevitt

    Will McDevitt

    President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter and director of the chapter’s Alumni and Corporations Relations Committee director

Omega Chi Epsilon Award

The Omega Chi Epsilon recognizes a fourth year chemical engineering student who exhibits character, integrity, initiative and leadership during their chemical engineering studies at UVA. While the award is associated with OXE, the recipient does not have to be a member of the organization.

  • Nirasha Abeysekera

    Nirasha Abeysekera

    “I am so glad I chose to major in chemical engineering. The bonds created from challenging times together are unlike anything I could have ever expected. Also, being in a major where I have learned things which can help solve some of the largest issues facing the world today, has been incredibly rewarding.”

Excellence in Leadership Award

Recognizes students regardless of year for exceptional leadership and service to class, department, the UVA Engineering and the University demonstrated by their vision and initiative, ability to execute, teamwork, collaboration, communication, social skills and having earned the respect of their peers and faculty.

  • Justin Fernandes

    Justin Fernandes

    “Chemical engineering allows me to contribute to making the world a better place while doing what I love. UVA chemical engineering is particularly special to me because it’s a community whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am thankful for a community which has allowed me to grow and contribute so much.”

Edward and Lois Paul Award

Honors Edward Paul, a 1952 graduate in chemical engineering from UVA Awarded to a chemical engineering student regardless of year who has a passion for music.

  • Conor Moran

    Conor Moran

    “I chose chemical engineering because I wanted to learn about and work on complex processes that have far-reaching impact. Coming into first-year engineering, I never considered the importance of a supportive major community. I am very appreciative of how easy it was to make a tight-knit group of friends within my major and the openness and availability of the chemical engineering department faculty.”