Choi Laboratory News

Updates from the activities & accomplishments of the Choi Laboratory

    Lucy begins summer internship at FormFactor

    May 28, 2020


    Lucy begins her summer internship at FormFactor on semiconductor testing. Best of luck!


    Matt Successfully Defends His Dissertation

    February 14, 2020


    Matt successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, for his examining committee of William Epling (Chairperson), Joshua J. Choi (Advisor), Seunghun Lee, David Green, and Robert Davis

    Congratulations Dr. Matthew Alpert!


    Xiaoyu Successfully Defends Her Dissertation

    November 08, 2019


    Xiaoyu successfully defended her doctoral dissertation.

    Congratulations Dr. Xiaoyu Deng!

    Kate Successfully Defends Her Proposal

    September 19, 2019


    Kate successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled "Determining the impact of the monovalent cation on charge carrier recombination mechanisms in metal halide perovskites for use in the optimization of optoelectronic devices", for her examining committee of Chris Paolucci (Chairperson), Seunghun Lee, Giri Gaurav, and Joshua Choi (Advisor).

    Congratulations Katelyn!


    Alex Successfully Defends His Dissertation

    September 13, 2019


    Alex successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, entitled Crystallographic Orientation in Metal Halide Perovskite, for his examining committee of Gino Giri (Chairperson), Joshua Choi (Advisor), Bob Davis, Seunghun Lee, and Mool C. Gupta

    Congratulations Dr. Alex Chen!



    Eric Passes His Qualifying Exam

    August 30, 2019


    Congratulations Eric!

    Lucy Successfully Defends Her Proposal

    August 22, 2019


    Lucy successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled "The Impact of Ionic Pairing on Perovskite Surface Trap Passivation", for her examining committee of Gary Koenig (Chairperson), Gaurav Giri, Joshua Choi (Advisor), David Green, and Seung-Hun Lee

    Congratulations Lucy!


    Eric Holmgren, First Year Graduate Student, Joins the Choi Group

    October 15, 2018


    Welcome Eric!

    Ashley Passes Her Qualifying Exam

    August 30, 2018


    Congratulations Ashley!

    Camping trip celebration with the Choi and Giri Groups

    June 30, 2018


    The Choi and Giri groups had a fun time celebrating graduations and publications with a camping trip in West Virginia. Good times!