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    Ephraiem Sarabamoun, a physics PhD student, joins the Choi group. Welcome!

    October 08, 2020

    Kate completes summer internship at BASF

    August 25, 2020


    Kate completed her summer internship at BASF, working as a researcher in Chemical Catalyst Scale-up & Manufacturing.

    BASF20 (3).jpg


    Grant Teams UVA ChE Lab with ODU Researchers to Investigate Quantum Dots

    August 19, 2020

    Associate professor of chemical engineering Joshua Choi recently received a National Science Foundation research grant titled “Collaborative Research: Nanoscale Charge Transfer in Quantum Dots Connected with Molecular Switches.” The project is a collaboration with Guijun Wang’s research group at Old Dominion University. Wang is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

    The research team will study differences in how electrons move between quantum dots (semiconductor nanoparticles with tunable optical and electrical properties) when the shape of molecules bridging the quantum dots changes. This research has a potential to advance the fundamental understanding of optical and electrical processes in nanoscale materials with broad implications for improving computing and memory devices that serve a range of needs.

    The Choi group’s collaboration with Wang and her researchers was seeded by a 4-VA grant that made it possible for the team to generate key preliminary results. 4-VA is a partnership among eight Virginia universities formed around four research and educational initiatives.

    The research activities covered by the $310,420 National Science Foundation grant also integrate educational efforts to improve recruitment, training and retention of students in science and engineering fields, especially among underrepresented groups at the University of Virginia and Old Dominion University.

    Lucy begins summer internship at FormFactor

    May 28, 2020


    Lucy begins her summer internship at FormFactor on semiconductor testing. Best of luck!


    Matt Successfully Defends His Dissertation

    February 14, 2020


    Matt successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, for his examining committee of William Epling (Chairperson), Joshua J. Choi (Advisor), Seunghun Lee, David Green, and Robert Davis

    Congratulations Dr. Matthew Alpert!


    Xiaoyu Successfully Defends Her Dissertation

    November 08, 2019


    Xiaoyu successfully defended her doctoral dissertation.

    Congratulations Dr. Xiaoyu Deng!

    Kate Successfully Defends Her Proposal

    September 19, 2019


    Kate successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled "Determining the impact of the monovalent cation on charge carrier recombination mechanisms in metal halide perovskites for use in the optimization of optoelectronic devices", for her examining committee of Chris Paolucci (Chairperson), Seunghun Lee, Giri Gaurav, and Joshua Choi (Advisor).

    Congratulations Katelyn!


    Alex Successfully Defends His Dissertation

    September 13, 2019


    Alex successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, entitled Crystallographic Orientation in Metal Halide Perovskite, for his examining committee of Gino Giri (Chairperson), Joshua Choi (Advisor), Bob Davis, Seunghun Lee, and Mool C. Gupta

    Congratulations Dr. Alex Chen!



    Eric Passes His Qualifying Exam

    August 30, 2019


    Congratulations Eric!

    Lucy Successfully Defends Her Proposal

    August 22, 2019


    Lucy successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled "The Impact of Ionic Pairing on Perovskite Surface Trap Passivation", for her examining committee of Gary Koenig (Chairperson), Gaurav Giri, Joshua Choi (Advisor), David Green, and Seung-Hun Lee

    Congratulations Lucy!