Lab Members

  • Andres Clarens

    Andres Clarens


    I am an environmental engineer interested broadly in the connections between energy and the environment. Our group is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which we can reduce and/or reverse those man-made processes that are contributing to climate change. I'm also a dad to three kids, the son of Cuban immigrants, and enthusiastic about being outdoors (hiking, fly fishing, backpacking, or skiing).

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev Kumar

    Post-doctoral Research Fellow

    I am a civil and structural engineer passionate about improving the sustainability and resilience of building materials including cement, aggregates, and concrete by better understanding the mineral carbonation, crystal structure and synthesizing them to attain low-carbon high-performance materials. 

  • Suzanne Moore Nguyen

    Suzanne Moore Nguyen

    PhD Student

    I am a problem-solver with a background in environmental geology, marine science, chemistry, and teaching. I enjoy data analysis and lab work, focusing on the mechanism of cement carbonation through experimental and modeling approaches. If I’m not in the lab, or driving back and forth to Richmond, you will find me hikingor painting. M.S., Chemistry, University of North Carolina –Wilmington, 2019 M.S., Civil Engineering (Civil), University of Virginia, 2008 B.S., Environmental Geology, College of William and Mary, 2000

  • Wade Fritzeen

    Wade Fritzeen

    PhD Student (co-advised with Lisa Colosi Peterson)

    Three years after graduating from William & Mary with a degree in chemistry, Wade’s skills and interests led him to pursue graduate education. He is passionate about the research, development, and implementation of novel sustainable solutions (through the lens of industrial ecology, life cycle analysis, and circular economics) that promote responsible and equitable stewardship of resources to accomplish preventative and restorative mitigation of pressing environmental issues. In his free time, he enjoys recreational activities like basketball and golf, baking, and playing chess.

  • Coleman Tolliver

    Coleman Tolliver

    PhD Student (primary appointment in Beth Opila's Group)

    I am a PhD candidate in materials science at UVA, with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from UMBC. I am interested in engineering design for materials in the environmental or energy sectors. I hope to work on projects that help tackle the current climate crisis. I am also an artist focused in digital art and a music hobbyist, playing trumpet, trombone, and bass. My long-term project is to make and publish my own comic.

  • Chloe Fauvel

    Chloe Fauvel

    MS Student

    I am passionate about reaching a carbon free future using my systems analysis skills while also considering the economic, policy, and equity dimensions of this wicked problem. My graduate research focused on regional deployment of carbon removal strategies to meet carbon neutrality goals. In my free time, I like to run, play volleyball, listen to podcasts, and explore Charlottesville. Wahoowa! M.S., Systems Engineering, University of Virginia, 2022, B.S., Systems Engineering, University of Virginia, 2021 

  • Joseph Sanalone

    Joseph Sanalone

    MS Student

    BS. Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Lab Alumni

  • Shreekar Pradhan

    Shreekar Pradhan

    Post Doctoral Fellow (2019-2022)

    I am an environmental and energy economist with expertise in international economics and open economy macroeconomics. I am a modeler of global climate policies in equilibrium modeling framework to investigate contemporary issues in the fields and I am currently  assessing and modeling the Negative Emissions Technologies in integrated assessment models.

  • Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    PhD Student (2016-2021)

    I use both experimental and modeling tools to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of emerging energy technologies with a particular focus on natural gas and renewable sources.

  • Jay Fuhrman

    Jay Fuhrman

    PhD Student (2016-2021)

    Super Hoo, integrated modeler, lover of AI, explorer. Currently a postdoc at PNNL. 

  • Dan Plattenberger

    Dan Plattenberger

    PhD Student (2015-2019)

    I am an experimentalist, focusing broadly on carbon sequestration techniques both deep underground and on Earth's surface. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and building...pretty much anything.

  • Emma S. Stephens

    Emma S. Stephens

    Undergrad Research Assistant (2019-2021)

    I am an aspiring environmental engineer, currently assisting in the pursuit of decarbonizing cement. I have always been interested in learning about the environment, especially the ways in which we can adapt our society in a manner that will simultaneously preserve a symbiotic environment between people and the earth and a capacity for human innovation. Outside of research, I am a part of the ASCE and EGG (Engineers Going Global) exec teams and am otherwise running/boxing/reading/writing.

  • Bo Liang

    Bo Liang

    PhD Student (2011-2018)

    Thesis title: “The Role of Wettability, Surface Roughness, and Rock-Fluid Interactions on Multiphase Flow Dynamics in Geologic Carbon Storage”

  • Rodney (Buddy) Wilkins

    PhD student (2013-2017)

    Thesis title: “Alternatives for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids in Unconventional Shale Gas Wells”

  • Zhiyuan Tao

    Zhiyuan Tao

    PhD Student (2012-2017)

    Thesis title: “Storing and Securing Carbon Dioxide in Depleted Shale Formations”

  • Brian Weaver

    Brian Weaver

    PhD student (2009-2014)

    Thesis title: “Gas Expanded Lubricants”

  • Xiaowei Liu

    Xiaowei Liu

    PhD Student (2008-2014)

    Thesis title: “Climate Impacts of Next Generation Biofuels Produced from Algae”

  • Conrad (Alec) Gosse

    Conrad (Alec) Gosse

    PhD Student (2009-2013)

    Thesis title: “Environmentally Preferable Streets”

  • Eleazer Resurreccion

    Eleazer Resurreccion

    PhD student (2008-2012)

    Thesis Title: “Characterizing Synergisms between Algae-Mediated Wastewater Polishing and Energy Production”

  • Shibo Wang

    Shibo Wang

    PhD Student (2008-2013)

    Thesis title: “The role of interfacial phenomena in leakage from geologic carbon sequestration site”