Welcome to Computer Engineering

Welcome to Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia. As Computer Engineers, you are a member of both the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering,


The Graduate Office in the School of Engineering has put together an extensive Student Checklist.  Many useful links can be found here including admissions requirements, University services, employment services, bus schedules, and professional development resources.  Here you will find information for obtaining your ID card and computer ID.  (All of your IDs can also be found in your SIS account.)


The School of Engineering Orientation is available online.   You will receive an email with the link at the end of July.   During the week before classes begin, the Computer Engineering Program will hold an orientation for PhD students and Masters students.   We will also ask you to attend some of the orienation in the Departments of CS and ECE.  The dates and times will be announced.  


Email Address and NetBadge

Please go to EMAIL ADDRESS to activate your UVa email.  All official communication at UVA will come to this email account.   You will also need to set up Netbadge access.  Instructions can be found here


 International Students

Be sure to complete the Orientation for incoming International Students before you arrive.  After you reach Charlottesville, please take your lefal documents and proof of orientation completion  to the ISO office.  More information is available at the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS & SCHOLARS WEBSITE.


English Language Exams

All students who are required to provide a TOEFL score must also REGISTER to take UVELPE test.  Engineering students who will receive financial aid or who hope to work as a wage employee for the School of Engineering must also take the UVELPE Oral Exam (formerly known as the SPEAK test).  These tests will be administered online at the beginning of July.  Please register for one of these exams at the Center for American English Language and Culture website as soon as possible.


Pre-Entrance Health Form, Immunizations, and COVID Guidelines

All students are required to complete a Pre-Entrance Health Form including a complete immunization record completed by August 1.  In addition, each student is required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at the University. More information is available here.

Students who are receiving financial aid will receive health insurance as part of their aid package.  Each student is still required to register for this insurance before August 15.  Please see the Aetna Student Insurance website.  Coverage for family members and dental coverage may be purchased separately.


Advising and Registering for Classes

Each student is expected to register for 12-15 credits each semester to maintain fulltime status.  These credit hours may be a combination of credit and non-credit classes.  Each new student is required to take CpE 6190 for 3 credits in the Fall semester.  Please work with your advisor (who will be assigned prior to registration) to develop a curriculum plan to complete your course work.  


    Graduate Student Funding and Job Opportunities

    Computer Engineering Students have different options for funding. 

    ME students may work on grounds while pursuing their degree.  The CS department hires MTAs that are Masters students who are paid by the hour for tasks such as grading assignments, holding office hours to help students, etc. These MTAs typically pay approx. $15/hr and are 10-20 hrs/week. MTA positions offer no other benefits and do not waive or reduce the tuition costs – so tuition would still need to be paid in full by the MTA student.   An adequate UVELPE Oral score or the completion of ESL 911 is required to work as an MTA.

    ME students may also apply to work at the University for any office for a maximum of 20 hours per week.  If you are interested in applying to work at the University, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for additional information.

    PhD students receive a financial aid package to work as Graduate Research Assistants or to work as Teaching Assistants.  This funding includes full tuition and health insurance.  


    Information for Funded Students

    Sometime after you arrive, you will receive information on your stipend and when you should expect to begin receiving your payments. It may be as late as Oct. 1 before you receive a paycheck so try to bring enough money to last for 6 weeks.

    The payroll paperwork required for new students has been centralized and is now handled by our Human Resource Office in Workday.  Shortly after you arrive, you will receive an email asking you to complete the I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification.  You will have 3 days to complete that paperwork.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

     International students who are funded or plan to work must obtain a Social Security Card as soon as possible  The International Office will provide you with a form at orientation to begin the process.  


    Student Total Advising Page

    Includes information for students about life at the University and in the Community.  Although this page is geared toward undergraduate students, you still may find much of the information useful.