Computer Engineering Program Ph.D. Graduates

Computer Engineering alumni who have Completed a Ph.D. since the graduate program was approved in 2004.



Gholamreza Rahimi, PhD - Skadron (Advisor), Enabling Low-Overhead and Scalable NearData Pattern Matching Acceleration with Memory-Centric Architectures.  First Job after Graduating:  AMD Semiconductors.


Fatemah Alali, PhD - Veeraraghavan (Advisor), Toward improving the performance of network-based applications.  First Job after Graduating:  Kuwait University.

Ahmed Aly, PhD - Dugan (Advisor), Experimental Studies in Pursuit of Experiential Robot Learning.  First Job after Graduating:  NanoSemi Inc.

Tommy Tracy, PhD - Stan (Advisor),  Accelerating Decision Tree Ensemble Inference with an Automata Representation.  First Job after Graduating:  Dept. of CS, UVA Post-Doc.

Xiaoyu Wang, PhD - Veeraraghanvan (Advisor),  Novel Hybrid Optical-/Electrical-Switched Networks for Energy-Efficient Operation.  First Job after Graduating:  Google.



Xinfei Guo, PhD - Stan (Advisor), Towards Wearout-Aware and Accelerated Self-Healing Digital Systems.  First Job after Graduating: Intel

Sourav Maji, PhD - Veeraraghavan (Advisor), Characterization, Management, and Online Traffic Engineering of Heavy-Hitter Flows in Software Defined Networks.  First job after Graduating:  Palo Alto Networks

Alec Roelke, PhD - Stan (Advisor), Improving Reliability and Security with Aging and Pre-RLT Madeling.  First Job after Graduating:  BAE Systems


He Qi, PhD -- Calhoun (Advisor), Circuit Solutions and Tool Flow of Ultra-Low_power FPGAs.  First Job after Graduating:  Apple


Kevin Leach, PhD  --  Weimer (Advisor), Transparent System Introspection in Support of Analyzing Stealthy Malware.  First Job after Graduating:  Dept. of CS, UVA Post-Doc

 Wei Zhang, PhD --  Lach (Advisor),  Scrutinizing Resource Utilization for High Performance and Low Energy Computation.  First Job after Graduating:  Samsung Research America


Philip Asare, PhD -- Lach/Stankovic (co-Advisors),  A Framework for Reasoning about Patient Safety of Emerging Computer-Based Medical Technologies. First Job after Graduating:   Bucknell University

Lukasz Szafaryn, PhD -- Skadron (Advisor), Understanding and Optimizing Heterogeneous Soft-Error Protection.  First Job after Graduating:  First Job after Graduating:  AMD Research and Development

Runjie Zhang, PhD -- Skadron (Advisor),  Pre-RTL On-chip Power Delivery Modeling and Analysis.  First Job after Graduating:   Oracle

Yuchen Zhou -- Evans (Advisor),   Improving Security and Privacy of Integrated Web Applications.  First Job after Graduating:   Palo Alto Networks


Saad Arrabi -- Lach (Advisor),  Maximizing Energy Efficiency through Vertically integrated Dynamic Reconfigurability.   First Job after Graduating:   AMD Research

Jie Li – Veeraraghavan (Advisor),   Advances in Inter-domain.   First Job after Graduating:   Networking Microsoft

Zhenzhen Yan – Veeraraghavan (Advisor),   Traffic Engineering in Packet/Circuit Hybrid.   First Job after Graduating:   Networks Seagate

Sudeep Ghosh --  Davidson (Advisor),  Software Protection via Composable Process-level Virtual Machines.   First Job after Graduating:   Microsoft

Chenguang Xu – Wilson (Advisor),   Two-way Data Exchange in Satellite Communication.  First Job after Graduating:   MicroStrategy

Michael Boyer -- Skadron (Advisor),  Rate Matching to Improve the Performance and Energy Efficiency of GPU Systems.   First Job after Graduating:   First Job after Graduating:   AMD Research


Chris Gregg  -- Hazelwood (Advisor),  A Data and Contention Aware Approach to Dynamic Scheduling for Heterogeneous Processors.   First Job after Graduating:   Active Duty, Navy

Shuai Che – Skadron (Advisor),   Understanding and Optimizing the Performance of Heterogeneous Systems.   First Job after Graduating:   AMD Research 

Jiawei Huang -- Lach (Advisor),  A Digital System Design Methodology for Efficiency-Quality Tradeoffs Using Imprecise Hardware. First Job after Graduating:   NVIDIA Research

Mark McGinley --  Veeraraghavan (Advisor),   On Providing Fair Circuit/Virtual-Circuit Networking Services.   First Job after Graduating:   Government


Nishant George – Lach (Advisor),   Modeling and Mitigating Transient Faults in Nanoscale Digital Systems.   First Job after Graduating:   Intel Research

Satyanand Nalam -- Calhoun (Advisor), Circuit and CAD Solutions for optimal SRAM design in nanoscale CMOS.  First Job after Graduating:   SRAM Group at Intel


Apala Guha -- Soffa (Advisor),  Memory Optimization of Dynamic Binary Translators for Embedded Platforms.   First Job after Graduating:   Intel Research


Scott Bingham --  Lach (Advisor),  Fault Coverage Analysis of Integrated Circuit Designs Through Assertion-Based Verification and Fault Injection (ABVFI).  First Job after Graduating:   Northrop-Grumman

David Tarjan -- Skadron (Advisor),  Efficient Throughput Cores for Asymmetric Many Core Processors.    First Job after Graduating:   NVIDIA Research


Karsten Nohl -- Evans (Advisor),  Implementable Privacy for RFID Systems.   First Job after Graduating:   Security Research Labs, Berlin

Ganesh Pai -- Dugan (Advisor),  Probablistic Software Quality Assessment.   First Job after Graduating:   NASA Ames Research Center


Yangyang Yu -- Johnson (Advisor),  The Quantitative Safety Assessment for safety-critical Computer Systems.   First Job after Graduating:   Powerwave Technologies


Hichem Boudali – Dugan (Advisor),   A Temporal Bayesian Network Reliability Modeling and Analysis Framework.   First Job after Graduating:   University of Twente

Vijay Kumar Vinu --  Lach (Advisor),  Application Specific Small-Scale Reconfigurability.   First Job after Graduating:   Texas Instruments Research Lab