Advancement Level Page Template

This template is used for pages within the Advancement site. This template is built on the Content Page template used for pages throughout the UVA Engineering site and includes additional content areas specific to the Advancement site.

Content Areas

Below are the content areas within this page template.


This field is used for the main heading at the top of the page, the title for the page in the browser tab, and the title in the breadcrumb trail navigation.


This field is used to Override the Title field as the page's main heading at the top of the page.


This controls the content within the "masthead" area at the top of the page. There are three options for the Masthead display.

Promotional Copy and Link

Masthead Background image dimensions 1475x500. Masthead Caption truncates at ~200 characters. Truncation may happen a few characters more or less than 200, depending on where the 200th character is located. If it is located in the middle of a word, the text may be truncated before the word (and therefore at less than 200 characters) or it may be truncated after the word (and therefore more than 200 characters). Truncation won't occur in the middle of a word.


Large Headline

Masthead Background image dimensions 1475x500.


No Masthead

In this option the content of the page slides up to occupy the space that would have been occupied by the Masthead.


Displayed below page’s main heading


Main content of the page.

Can embed Quote callout.


This content appears as the description that accompanies the link to the page when it appears in search results such as Google and Bing.

Left Column Callouts

This content area holds callouts displayed in left column of page

The callouts are displayed below the left-column navigation.

Top-to-bottom order sets display order on the page.

Callouts that can be pulled in:

  • Contact Information
  • News Feed (Manual)
  • News Feed (Dynamic)

Contact Callouts

This content area holds the callouts displayed in the main column of the page.

The callouts are displayed below the Body content area.

The top-to-bottom order sets the display order on the page.

Callouts that can be pulled in:

  • 1. Accordion
  • 2. List
  • 3. Quote
  • 4. Media
  • 5. News Feed
  • 6. Initiative List
  • 7. WYSIWYG

Related Links

This content area creates a set of tag-like links displayed below the callouts.

Stats and Facts

This content area holds a row of up to four statistics and/or facts. A minimum of three stats/facts needed for the content to display.

The Background image provides texture behind the stats/facts content. Image dimensions are 1500x600. In the absence of an image a solid blue background color is used.

The top-to-bottom order translates to the left-to-right order on the page.


Tags (not used and can be ignored)

Menu Settings - How to add a page to the left navigation menu within the Advancement site

To apply the special header, the page must use the ADvancement landing page, or a page within the Advancement section, as its parent.