Initiative List Callout

The Initiatives List callout groups Initiatives callouts together for display on the page as a vertical list.


Content Fields

Title field

Identifies the callout in the CMS

Naming convention: “Callout description – Initiative List callout”


This is the Main heading above the list.


Displayed below the Heading.


Describes/summarizes/introduces the list

Plain text, no limit, displayed as single paragraph.

Initiative display

Image positioned to the right of text in the top Initiative in the list.

Image positioned to the left of text in the second Initiative in the list.

From the third Initiative onward, the positioning of the image alternates from right to left through the list.

List ordering

Top-to-bottom order translates directly to the top-to-bottom ordering on the page.

Heading will never truncate and will expand the height of the Initiative.

This could clip the left and right sides of the image.