Testimonial Callout

The Testimonial callout is used to format and present statements extolling UVA Engineering’s initiatives, progress, research, etc.

The callout is pulled into the Advancement Landing Page.

The callout functions and displays in much the same way as Quote callouts on the main site.


Content Fields


Identifies callout in the CMS

Naming convention: "Callout description – Testimonial callout"

Quote Thumbnail

88x88 recommended, but up to 250x250 will work. Image must be square (i.e. same height and width).

The image will be styled to display as a circle, so the corners of the image will be cropped.

Make sure that the person in the image is as close to the to the exact center as possible.


Holds the text of the testimonial.

Displayed as a single paragraph.


Person to whom testimonial is attributed.

Supported Initiatives

Links to initiatives (either initiative pages within the Advancement site or pages or external websites) that the individual supports.

These display in same manner as related links on the Advancement Level pages.

Displayed below heading "Initiatives I support" which appears below the quote.

Ordering of the Supported Initiatives

1. Top-to-bottom ordering translates to left-to-right ordering on page, by rows, in standard browser view.

2. Top-to-bottom ordering translates directly in mobile view.

The heading that appears above the testimonial is rendered by the callout and is not editable.