How to add the path to a file in a text field Link

When a text field is used for a link (such as for Related Links), linking to a file requires the path to the file to be entered into the text field. The folders that are in the File Manager are used to build the "path" to where the file is located on the web server. Files don't have node ID numbers (the way that pages do) so using node ID is not an option open to us. We need to use the path to the file.

We can use the File Manager to find the path to the file to enter into the text field, using the procedure below.

Step 1. Open the File Browser in a separate tab by right-clicking on the "Hello" link at the top right of the page and choosing "Open link in new tab". (Your username follows "Hello".)


Step 2. Click on the "File Manager" tab to open the File Manager.


Step 3. In the File Manager, locate the folder that holds the file that you want to link to. You'll click on this folder to open it, which will display a list of the files that are in it.


Step 4. In the list, locate the name of the file and click on it. This will highlight the name of the file blue, indicating that it has been selected.


If it is an image, the image will display in the frame below the list. If it is a document (such as a PDF or an EXCEL spreadsheet) its filename will display in the frame below the list. Click on the image or the filename in the frame below the list. This will open the image or document in a new browser tab.


Step 5. Copy the entire URL from the web address bar in this tab (this is the tab you opened in the step above).


Step 6. Switch back to the page you are currently editing and paste in the URL into the text box. Here is an example of what you would paste in:


Step 7. Remove the portion of the URL before "sites". So, for the example above, you would remove so that what remains in the field begins with "sites":