How to Create New Content

To add new content to the website, click the Content link in the CMS navigation bar at the top of the page.


Then, click the Add Content link.


This opens a list of the content types that can be added. Click on the name of the content type you wish to add. Depending upon your role and permissions in the CMS, you may see more or fewer options in the Add Content list. Your list is limited to the types of content that you can create.


This creates a new content item and opens it to the editing screen. At this point, enter the content into the new content item.

IMPORTANT: After entering the content, you must click the Save button to save the new content item. If you do not click the Save button, the new content item will not be created, even if you have entered content into its content entry fields.


New Pages for Offices: Adding New Pages to the Left Navigation Menu

After new creating content pages within a particular office, the page needs to be assigned to the Left Navigation menu so that it will appear in the navigation in the left column of the office’s section of the website. Also, adding the page to the Left Navigation menu creates the unique URL (web address) for the page that reflects its position within the office’s section of the website.

1. Open the page for editing and at the bottom of the page, click on the Menu Settings link.


2. Check the Provide a menu link checkbox. This reveals a Menu link title text box for the text of the menu link for the page.


3. Revise the content of the Menu link title field if needed. By default, the content of this field is pulled from the page’s Title field. Remember, shorter navigation links are easier for users to scan when using the navigation.



4. Select the parent page for the menu link. This will be the main page of the section of the office site in which you want your page to appear.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the page you select as the parent is under
<Left Navigation> and not <Main Menu>. If you select a page under
<Main Menu> you will add the page to the header menu for the site (this is the white bar that runs across the top of all of the pages).

When your page is added to the left navigation, it is placed as the last (at the bottom) page in the navigation of the section to you added it to. 



5. Adding the page to the left column navigation is considered to be a content change to the page. Therefore, the Save button at the bottom of the page needs to be clicked to save the navigation menu assignment.


If the position of the link in the navigation needs to be changed, refer to the Changing the order of links in the left navigation procedure in the Managing Navigation Menus document.