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Founded in 1836, the U.Va. Engineering School is the third oldest engineering school in a public university in the U.S. The School combines research and educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels as part of the University of Virginia, a consistently top-ranked public institution.

Within the Engineering School undergraduate programs, courses in engineering, ethics, mathematics, the sciences and the humanities are available to build a strong foundation for careers in engineering and other professions. Our abundant research opportunities complement the curriculum and educate young men and women to become thoughtful leaders in technology and society.

At the graduate level, the Engineering School collaborates with the University’s highly ranked medical and business schools on interdisciplinary research projects and entrepreneurial initiatives.

With a distinguished faculty and a student body of 2,299 undergraduates and 615 graduate students, the Engineering School offers an array of engineering disciplines, including cutting-edge research programs in computer and information science and engineering, bioengineering and nanotechnology, and energy and the environment.

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  • MIssion and Vision

    U.Va. Engineering MIssion and Vision

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    Our Mission

    Through the creation and transfer of knowledge, U.Va. Engineering educates leaders in the application and development of engineering and scientific solutions that benefit the world.

    Our Vision

    “Empowering people to create a better future”

    U.Va. Engineering will be a premier engineering research school offering a personalized, high-impact student education, leadership development & a dedication to service.

    U.Va. Engineering will:

    • Provide student-focused educational programs within a thriving research environment
    • Emphasize leadership & service
    • Provide engineering technical rigor & a broad educational experience across U.Va.
    • Connect our undergraduate & graduate educational & research programs
    • Live by our core values every day
    • Empower faculty, staff & students to succeed

    The School of Engineering and Applied Science in the 21st Century

    Founded in 1836, the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science combines excellence in undergraduate and graduate education in a robust research institution. The undergraduate program offers courses in engineering, ethics, mathematics, the sciences, business, entrepreneurship and the humanities. The program also places great emphasis on leadership and service. Faculty and graduate student research addresses societal challenges including creation of a sustainable future, engineering improved health, advancing the cyber and physical infrastructure and providing personal and societal security. This research is often conducted in collaboration with U.Va.’s highly ranked medical, architecture, education and business schools, as well as the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The Engineering School is comprised of 140 distinguished tenure track and 46 non-tenure track faculty, 85 research professionals, a student body of 2,400 undergraduates and 616 graduate students.

    Distinguished Faculty Award, 2015

    To recognize an engineering faculty member who through his/her career and service has brought recognition to UVA and to themselves as individuals

    Professor Pamela M. Norris
    Presentation Speech

    Distinguished Service Award, 2015

    To recognize an engineering staff member who through his/her career and service has brought recognition to UVA and to themselves as individuals

    Vicki B. Tucker
    Presentation Speech

    Distinguished Alumni Award, 2015

    To recognize graduates who through his/her career and service to the University, state and/or nation has brought recognition to the University of Virginia and to themselves as individuals

    Sharon L. Wood
    Presentation Speech

    Outstanding Young Engineering Graduate Award, 2015

    To recognize alumni who have made significant achievements and contributions in the early phase of their careers

    Professor Benton H. Calhoun
    Presentation Speech

    Outstanding Student Award, 2016

    To honor a student who has exhibited service before self, integrity and excellence

    Lia Cattaneo
    Angela Liu
    Presentation Speech

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    Steven R. Caliari - Image

    "We design biomaterials to better understand how cells interpret signals from their environment during disease progression and tissue regeneration."

    Steven R. Caliari, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
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    haydn wadley

    "The convergence of new refractory metal alloys, ultra-high-temperature ceramic coatings, integrated passive cooling technology and novel leading edge architectures allows low drag hypersonic vehicles to fly faster than ever before."

    Haydn Wadley, Edgar Starke Professor Department of Materials Science and Engineering



    1. Check your Slate checklist and be sure all official test scores and transcripts have been received.
    2. Get your UVA Computing ID
      • Your UID number is the nine-digit number that serves as your ID throughout your time at UVA. Assigned to you by the University, it is NOT your Social Security number.
      • You can retrieve your UID number online. To do so, you will need your seven-digit UVA Student Information System (SIS) ID number. This number can be found in the email acknowledging receipt of your application for admission.
    3. Activate your UVA email address. This is the official means of communication at UVA.
    4. Submit your pre-entrance health form and immunization information(doctors signature will be required)
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    7. Register with Student Disability Access Center if needed
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    9. Sign the UVA Patent Agreement. Any person who ay be engaged in University Research is required to execute the University’s Patent Agreement and Assignment

    International Students

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    2. Complete your I-20
    3. Register to take UVELPE test if you were required to send in TOEFL scores.
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