News Feed Callout

The Callout – News Feed is used to pull in a list of articles assigned to one or more particular Tags. The list is capped at three (3) articles, includes the three most recent articles that match the Tags, and is positioned in the left column of the content page in which it is used. See the Article Page Content Sharing Reference document for detailed information on what fields from the Article page are used in the article list generated by the Callout – News Feed.

Content Entry Fields


This field holds the title for the News Feed. The Title is not displayed on the public website. It is used to identify the News Feed within the CMS. Make sure to provide a clear, descriptive title as you will use this title when selecting the News Feed to pull it into site pages. You may wish to preface the title with text to identify your department or office, for example Chem Eng – Undergraduate Research News.



This field holds the heading that is displayed above the article feed. The heading should describe the types of articles that are being pulled in, such as “Undergraduate Education News”.


General Tags and Research Strengths Tags

The Tags and Research Strengths fields specify the tags to which articles must be assigned to be pulled into the News Feed. Selection of multiple tags is supported.

IMPORTANT: If multiple tags are selected, an article needs to be assigned to at least one of the tags in each section to be pulled in. This means that as the number of selected tags increases, the number of news releases that could be pulled in will most likely decrease.

The three most recent articles are pulled in.

news-feed-tags.jpg  news-feed-research-strengths.jpg


All News Link

The All News Link appears below the News Feed.


This is the text for the link. The maximum number of characters that can be entered into this field is 128. However, you will want to keep this link brief. If the link is too long, the link will cover part of the content of the news feed.


Make sure to use the full website address (make sure that it begins with http:// or https://).

Correct format: Incorrect format:

Maximum length: 2048 characters.


How the News Feed appears on the website

news-feed-display-on-site.png news-feed-display-on-site-long-all-news-link.png

The Heading and the articles list is enclosed in an orange border with an icon positioned above it. The All News Link link appears in a blue box below the last item in the list.

If the All News Link is too long, it will cover part of the list of articles that are pulled in, as the below screenshot shows. The link should not wrap to more than two lines of text.