Quote Callout

The Quote callout creates a formatted quote. The quote consists of quote text, the citation, and an image. The Quote can be added to a page in two ways:

  1. It can be pulled into the Content Callouts area of Content pages
  2. It can be inserted into the content of the WYSIWYG content editor in any content area that includes it, such as the Body area of the Content page, the Introduction on department landing pages, and the Copy area of the Accordion callout, and so forth.

Content Entry Fields


This field holds the title for the Quote. The Title is not displayed on the public website. It is used to identify the Quote within the CMS. Make sure to provide a clear, descriptive title as you will use this title when selecting the Quote to pull it into site pages. You may wish to preface the title with text to identify your department or office, for example Chem Eng – Research Value Quote.



This field holds the quote text. The text will be displayed as a single paragraph on the website page. This means that if carriage returns are used in the content entry field to format the quote into multiple paragraphs (i.e. using the keyboard ENTER key to create multiple paragraphs), these will be removed when the content is rendered on the page.


Image (88x88 pixels)

This field holds the image that is displayed to the left of the quote. Make sure that the subject of the image is centered, as the site styles will round off the corners of the image, presenting it as a circle.

Alternate text field – This field holds the alternative text for the image. Make sure to enter text into this field that provides a description of what’s pictured in the image.



This field holds the quote citation.


How the Quote displays on the website