Faculty Profile Page Content Management

This page provides information and instructions for managing a faculty profile page. The link below  to the content entry guide for faculty profile pages opens a Microsoft Word document that you can download to your computer. Next to the link is the date of the last update to the document so that you can make sure you have the latest version of the document. 

How to log in to the CMS

To log in to the CMS:

  1. Access this URL: https://engineering.virginia.edu/netbadge (clicking this link will open the page in a new browser tab or window)
  2. Enter your UVA network ID and password. 
  3. Click the "Log In" button.

Managing the content of the faculty profile page

Faculty Profile Page Content Management (Last updated 7/10/2017)

Faculty Profile Page content management training video

Download the Windows or Mac version of the video on the faculty profile content management video page.

Need Help?

If you need assistance editing the content of your profile page or have a question regarding your profile image, please contact Elizabeth Mather and Bridget Moriarty in the Communications Department. Their contact information is below:

Elizabeth Mather

Bridget Moriarty